The courage of Kasia Smutniak on Instagram: "I learned to love myself"

Kasia Smutniak once again shows her courage (and her strength) with a post on Instagram that teaches us so many things

Kasia Smutniak does not deny herself and, once again, proves to be a strong and courageous woman. It does so with a shot posted on Instagram showing signs of vitiligo and sending an important message.

Just 40 years old, a long career in the world of cinema and an extraordinary strength that allowed her to react in the face of the death of Pietro Taricone, Kasia today feels free and self-confident. So much to show signs of a disease that is often hidden from the eyes of others. He does it to reveal to everyone that we must not be afraid of our defects, that we must love them and always be courageous.

The actress has published a photo that shows her smiling, with the hands and feet marked by vitiligo, a chronic skin disease. "Growing is also learning to accept all that life brings us – we read in the post in which Kasia talks about her life, marked by the pain of losing Taricone and rebirth -. Beautiful things, things that come easy but that we should never take for granted … But above all difficult moments, which put us to the test, in order not to lose the sense of happy moments. In short, everything ".

"As I grow older – continues the Smutniak – I also learned another thing, accepting is not enough. We must love our faults! For the last 6 years I have learned to accept and love myself for what I am. It was a journey, not immediately …… And only today I feel I can share this thought with you ".

It was 2010 when Kasia's life took a sudden and painful turn. The death of Taricone, due to an accident with a parachute, marked his existence forever. A suffering that Smutniak, Sophie's mother at the time, was able to face head-on and never fall. Today it is linked to the producer Domenico Procacci and is also the mother of Leone, but above all is an example for many women.

Kasia Smutniak – Source: Instagram

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