The crimes of fashion of the "cresciutelle"

The crimes of fashion of the "cresciutelle"

Miniskirts, shorts, braids and pigtails: what more women who are 20 or older should avoid. And not even 30

Make up at 40 years old

Braids and pigtails, doll-like t-shirts, excessive transparencies and mini-skirts too mini: the one that gives an 18-year-old woman out of tune with a woman who approaches the dreaded "door". Yet the streets, the offices, the premises, are full of former girls who do not give up. What should they do if they feel in bloom like Lolite? But there are things that you should simply avoid wearing after a certain age. Even after 30, don't wear anything that brings the image of a character that ends up on children's backpacks. A 50-year-old with a Titti t-shirt, wrote the Times fashion columnist, Carol Midgley, "has the same effect as a six-year-old girl with a push-up". Some looks have an expiration date, even if there are those who claim that everyone should be free to walk around as they wish. A bit like Helena Christensen did recently with her sexy bustier sported at 50. But she is a former super top and the speech is a different moment.

Here are some types of cresciutella that does not give up, you certainly know many others:

"But are you the mother or the sister?"
Flattered by questions of this type (from slug that tries them all, it must be said), of which the cresciutella needs as water in the desert, the woman in question accompanies her daughter to school in perfect holding as a teenager. Convinced that the other mothers are old hags, while she is still in her prime, she shows off sneakers in fluorescent colors, torn skinny jeans, a hyper-tightened T-shirt in the same color as shoes and giant PVC earrings, when it's good. When it goes wrong, dare miniskirt, Parisian stockings and navel in sight.

Too sexy to be 40 years old
Another chapter, the shirts with the words. Now, the wearer presumably knows what they are saying, but sometimes it is better to imagine not. They are usually in English, usually they say embarrassing things like "touch me" or "sex instructor, first lesson free". In short, convey messages on your chest is embarrassing at 20, let alone at 40 (but there are those who swear to have sighted even the ultra 50s with the words "Stop staring at my tits").

Low life
Thank goodness the fashion is over and the high waist of the pants is back (sometimes very high, and to put them you need the bacon …). But there are still market niches that insist on wearing jeans down to the hips: the 16 year olds and the “cresciutelle”. The results are questionable in both cases, better to opt for cuts that enhance the strengths more (long legs?) And that perhaps minimize the painful ones (a belly no longer tonic?).

Collegiate hair
Braids, braids, pigtails, very long hair almost to touch the waist, shocking colors. The rule should be simple: when you have to start hiding the first white hair, it's better to opt for simplicity. Also away those doll-like big mouths, the Frisee effect that Barbie California makes, the disheveled too cheeky. This does not mean having to tie your hair like an old lady: but there is a cross between Peter's grandmother's bun and Pippi Longstocking's braids.

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