The day will come when you will have to let your baby go

The day will come when you will have to let your baby go

Let your child follow his path and his dreams even if they will take him away from you

Loving your children means letting them go, sooner or later, to allow them to grow, to pursue and pursue dreams and goals, and a mother knows this. Only we can understand when that moment arrives when our children are ready to transform themselves into extraordinary men capable of changing the world.

Yet, even if we know it, because we experienced it firsthand when we were daughters before being mothers, detachment is always something that scares us a lot. The truth is that getting away from someone we love is always difficult and everything gets complicated when our children do it.

Although when we become parents we know that our children will grow up, and therefore will need to go away, we never get used to this idea. And the more we reject it, the more traumatic the detachment becomes.

Experts call this sense of sadness and disturbance empty nest syndrome, a condition that occurs just when the children take off, leaving that nest of love and protection that we had created for them.

Being sad when a child goes away is more than understandable: we have been responsible for their growth, their happiness, everything. We loved them, supported them, took care of them and taught them to live and be independent, so why shouldn't we be happy to see them take off?

After all, isn't the desire of a mother to see her children fulfilled and happy? Yet some people reject this emancipation, not understanding that leaving is not a loss, it is only a different phase of family life: children will start their own lives, they will build a family, as we once did, and they will continue to be there, albeit in a different way.

Letting go of someone we love always causes a bit of sadness, however the bond between parents and children is something eternal, therefore destined to last forever. When family relationships are healthy, it is easier to support the choice of children, on the contrary there is the risk of tearing their wings or worse, of making them feel guilty, only because they have chosen to grow up.

When this time comes, when our children are ready to explore the world on their own, we promise to let them go and be happy for them. We are not losing them, let alone abandoning them, on the contrary, we should be proud of having grown them so independent and strong.

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