The December favorites tested for you: hair, lips, skincare and eye makeup to prepare for the holidays

The December favorites tested for you: hair, lips, skincare and eye makeup to prepare for the holidays

December's favorites: 5 must-have products for hair, eye makeup, lips and skincare perfect for preparing for the Christmas holidays

December is a magical month, made of colors, lights and Christmas atmosphere in every corner. And although not everyone likes this period, I'm a big fan of Christmas and therefore the whole month is dedicated to themed looks. This year, however, I went, in part, in addition to the classic red, gold and silver and for eye makeup I chose a very special palette, to create many different looks but to also be combined with other more Christmas-themed eye shadows. The lips are the protagonists, because with a few products you can immediately enter the mood of the holidays, but you should not even skip skincare or hair care, because Christmas binges certainly don't help!

Ready to discover the 5 products I selected this month?

Mulac Cosmetics Red Soubrette Tinted Lip Balm

From what I've tried, I use it practically every day, on any occasion. It is a colored lip balm, which colors it slightly with a bright but modulable strawberry pink, depending on how much you apply it. It is very moisturizing, it helps to have a soft and smooth mouth but, above all, for me who I have very clear, it gives a healthy and lively complexion. I use it both as a lip balm and as a real lipstick when I don't feel like applying one in a classic or liquid formula and the effect is very plumping, the lips seem almost glossy, but without the sticky effect. In addition to Red Soubrette there is also the Hydra Nude version, more natural, perfect for those who love the most neutral and discreet shades.

Source: Mulac Cosmetics

Noah Yal Shampoo Rehydrating and restorative treatment and regenerating mask for hair with Argan oil

I recently tried the Noah For Beauty products, with many natural beneficial extracts for the hair. Specifically, the Yal line includes treating products and rehydrating and restorative shampoo, as well as washing the hair perfectly without attacking it, it leaves them soft and hydrated, untangled even before applying the conditioner or mask. Just the regenerating mask with Argan oil, then, is a real cure-all to be left on for a few minutes before rinsing it, for soft hair, without knots and ready for styling.

Source: Noah

I used both products without applying styling products afterwards, because I was not at home, and despite this the result was that of a soft, disciplined hair, not frizzy and not weighed down by treatments. I can't wait to also use all post shampoo products!

Benton Goodbye Redness Centella Mask

I am opening the advent calendar of Miin Cosmetics full of Korean brand face masks, one for each day! They are all excellent, each with a different and beneficial effect for the skin, but in particular I fell in love with the Benton Goodbye Redness Centella Mask. It is designed to calm and soothe the redness and irritation of the skin, it contains calming Centella asiatica but also a lot of moisturizing and anti-aging hyaluronic acid and is also suitable for acne and problematic skin.

Source: Miin Cosmetics

As soon as applied, a sensation of immediate freshness is immediately felt and the skin seems to drink all the serum. Leave on for at least 20 minutes, then massage the remaining product on the skin, without rinsing it. Once removed, the features are relaxed, the skin soft and plumped, smooth and more uniform, the redness is reduced.

Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde Eyeshadow Palette

The famous particular palette that I am using a lot in this period, although not purely Christmas given its colors, is the Mercury Retrograde by Huda Beauty. A selection of more natural and warm colors, some pastels, purples, pinks and blues make it truly special and different from the many palettes all the same always with the same colors. The opaque nuances are easy to blend, although not super intense, especially the darker color, but they can be modulated to obtain the desired intensity.

Source: Huda Beauty

The real highlight, however, are the shimmer and metallic eyeshadows, really super reflective and perfect to be used alone or as a top coat over other shades. They may not be the classic party colors, but think of them in combination with a red, green or even blue makeup!

Mulac Cosmetics Dark Heart and Dirty Mind Lipstick

If there is one thing that I can say without thinking about it for a moment, it is my love for red lipstick. Lighter, darker, burgundy, cold or warm, I don't think I've ever had enough and I keep buying it all the time. It turns out that Mulac Cosmetics has released a collection, Sassy Collection, dedicated to non-classic but particular and unconventional reds. My favorites are Dark Heart and Dirty Mind, the first a dark red, almost burgundy but with less brown inside, the second is a perfect raspberry red, full and saturated with color, not too fuchsia but not too purple, beautiful.

Mulac matte lipsticks also have my favorite texture, because they are not too soft but not too hard, so they can be easily applied from the stick without the need for big touch-ups and, above all, they last all day and even if they eat they fade slightly in the center, they do it evenly and imperceptibly.

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