The denim shirt: how to choose and match it

The denim shirt: how to choose and match it

Sporty but not only, it is a passe partout garment: let's see how to match the denim shirt

The denim shirt is a garment that, in my opinion, should never be missing in the wardrobe. Simple and super basic, it helps to play down any look with its casual allure, suitable for practically any occasion, apart from the more formal or business ones. Here are some ideas to wear it with style.

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The denim shirt: how to choose it

When choosing your denim shirt, pay attention to two things: the cut and the fabric. Since it is a purely casual garment, my advice is to make sure that it is not too tight or too tight: prefer it slightly soft. As for the fabric, keep in mind that denim canvas is quite stiff: if you are not comfortable, you can choose chambray, a cotton fabric that resembles denim, but is much lighter and more slippery.

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The denim shirt, how to combine it: with the skirt

The best way to play down an important or patterned skirt is to tie a denim shirt over it, or even just slip it inside.

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The denim shirt, how to combine it: particular

If you are whimsical, you can also avoid the classic denim shirt and fall back on a more particular model, to be worn with a total look in jeans or with a Beatles-style trench coat and ankle boots. The important thing, however, as always, is that the rest of the look is simple.

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The denim shirt, how to combine it: classic

The jeans and blazer look always works. If the shirt is in denim, it will also go perfectly with a blazer that is not only blue, as in the photo below, but also in tweed or Prince of Wales, in a slightly more autumnal version. Personally, I see easy accessories well, for example a leather postman shoulder strap or a black leather shopper, depending on the other colors you wear.

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