The didactic cards to learn Mathematics, Italian and English

The didactic cards to learn Mathematics, Italian and English

The didactic cards and mind maps represent a support tool for teaching, suitable for everyone

The didactic cards and mind maps represent a support tool for teaching, from the first years of the educational path. Furthermore, they are fundamental in the learning process of students with SLD and SEN. This is why the digital learning platform offers numerous maths, Italian and English teaching cards.

Didactic cards: a learning support

The didactic cards are a tool widely used in traditional teaching, but not only. Digital teaching, in fact, is often accompanied by paper material that provides visual and graphic support, especially useful in the first years of learning. Furthermore, didactic cards and concept maps are fundamental tools for students with SLD and SEN and recognized as compensatory tools to overcome difficulties in reading, writing and calculating.

It is therefore essential to provide for the use of educational cards and concept maps in the learning path, starting from Primary School. The downloadable material also allows you to practice manual skills with colors, scissors and imagination!

Precisely for this reason, has integrated notes, educational cards, maps and downloadable and printable games of Italian, mathematics and English to the digital functions of the platform (the videos and interactive exercises explained) for Primary School.

Didactic cards of Mathematics and Italian

Thanks to the didactic cards, the boys and girls of the Primary School are able to learn the notions of mathematics and Italian, even through play. For example, has created the syllable domino game to learn syllables and the game of the goose and the crossword puzzle to learn the sounds of consonants. And for learning operations, numbers and solving problems, there are printable games and cards available that allow you to learn the basics of math and geometry more quickly and more effectively.

In addition, the graphic and visual element of the cards and mind maps favors the learning process of students with SLD, who can associate an image or a drawing with an abstract concept such as that of numbers and operations.

Games to print in English

Learning the English language also passes through the use of games and cards that allow you to "fix in your mind" the grammar rules. To learn English words, for example, the use of Flash Cards is very common, or cards that represent the graphic element on one side and the corresponding word on the other side. In this way, thanks to the game and the creative component, boys and girls will be more involved and participated and will learn not only during the lesson at school, but will also be able to play and practice independently at home.

In the lessons dedicated to English words, numerous Flash Cards are available to facilitate and support the learning of the main English terms. In addition, the platform offers numerous games and printable cards such as the game of dominoes and memory, to support learning the English language.

Also on Redooc you will find many free games to download, print and color: to take with you on your summer holidays. From the summer dominoes, to the memory of sports, to the Guess Who of Famous People and Scientists. Discover them now!

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