The education of children passes through the tree of values

The education of children passes through the tree of values

Take paper, pens and colors and create the tree of values ​​together with your children

The parental role is never a simple affair, nobody gives us a detailed manual on how to make parents and mistakes, they are the most human thing that exists in the world. Over time, in fact, we have learned that perfect mothers do not exist, and on the contrary, with our mistakes and our insecurities, we can raise happy and aware children.

In addition to love, however, the unconditional love that we give to our children, there is another thing we must take into account: values. In fact, these represent the inner basis of the life of each of us, and it is our right and duty to teach them to our children.

In this context, the tree of values ​​comes in handy, a useful, fun and educational tool that we can integrate into the education of our children, from the first years of life. A valid ally that takes into consideration not only the development of language, autonomy and communication skills, but which allows the true meaning of values ​​to be transmitted to children.

The tree of values ​​is one of those activities that has even more value if carried out in the community, this in fact allows children to learn to collaborate from the early years of their lives. If not, you can still use this tool to spend time with your children.

The first part consists in the presentation of behaviors and values, taking into consideration that if it is true that children are familiar with friendship, kindness and respect, for example, they do not know what honesty, effort or empathy is, for this reason it is necessary to explain them through examples.

Create drawings with your children, one for each value, or small fairy tales that can identify them. Once this is done, invite your children to build their tree of values, through the images and stories they have created. Their task will be to sort the values ​​from the most important to the least important according to their point of view.

This part is certainly the most interesting and will require direct participation on your part: listen to the opinions of your children, negotiate and discuss with them the priorities they have given to their values. This will be a very important moment for the little ones, because they will begin to confront themselves with values ​​and principles in total autonomy.

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