The energy of the network to enhance female talent

The energy of the network to enhance female talent

At TalentDonna the best teachers and network experts are at your disposal. Appointment in Milan on 21 October 2017

Hands up whoever manages to get to the end of the day thinking: "I did everything I had to do". Hands up whoever manages to organize their day perfectly, without getting destroyed in the evening. Hands up whoever is able to reconcile family, children, hectic pace of life and work. Or to reconcile the desire for motherhood and work achievement.

What an effort, eh? Think that all this is difficult also because women are not valued at the professional level: just think that in our country 1 woman out of 2 is out of the labor market. This is not only a waste of energy and resources, but also a sign of cultural backwardness and scarce foresight.

Talent Donna starts from these premises, with the will to overturn this difficult reality with which we women clash daily. The Network has useful resources that everyone can use. Of all. However, the basic rules for moving with specificity on the different social channels in order to build an online reputation useful to qualify professionally must be known.

The formula has already been tested with the two previous editions and includes classroom lessons and networking moments. Here you will find the detailed program >>>
The program was designed specifically to facilitate, as well as training, sharing and exchange of skills among the participants in order to also create new collaborations and synergies.

And from this premise the special promotion was born to enhance the value of sharing: 2 × 1 invites your friend to participate in the Talent Woman and you will pay the cost of a single journey.

Registrations are open on the website.
The route will start in Milan on October 21st.
It is shortly then, look at the calendar of meetings and the teachers who will be in the classroom and then invite one of your friends to participate in this all-female path.

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