The eyeliner in the summer to be original is applied like this

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How can we apply eyeliner in the summer, to be original, feminine and sensual? Here is the latest trend.

The eyeliner is a beauty ally of many women. In fact, it makes our eyes extremely sensual and we have always liked this and we will always like it.

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There is one though: this summer it could completely change shape and become XXL. You will be able to say goodbye to the “usual” standard line, to welcome the extra strong one in your arms, that is in practice double.

And not only that, because we can have fun with graphic make-up, bright colors, combinations – even apparently risky – of very different textures.

In short, throughout the summer the watchword in terms of eyeliner will be only one: dare. But how can we do it? Here are some original ideas.

Here’s how to apply eyeliner in the summer

The first thing we need to say when we talk about how to apply eyeliner this summer is that, as we anticipated, we must not be afraid to put aside what we know and push ourselves a little further than everything we’ve ever done.

summer eyeliner

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Here then the double eyeler arrives, which, however, is not very easy to apply for those who are not make-up artists. But don’t worry: here it is some secret that will save you a thousand attempts (and as many failures).

First we need to learn to proceed step by step, because a product like eyeliner can become a real disaster and completely ruin the look of our eyes if applied in the wrong way.

So we’ll have to take it first an angled brush, a black and a brown eyeshadow, in order to recreate a gradient effect.

At this point we need to create two symmetrical lines (one on the mobile eyelid, where we generally apply the product and the other under the eye), taking care to always have the concealer at hand, in order to clean any smudges (but also a soaked cotton swab will be fine and will perform the its task to perfection).

Basically we have to create a foundation from which to start. Once this is done we can apply our eyeliner and choose how to move, since a range of options is presented in front of us.

We can decide to leave both thin lines, or for a stronger result trace them. And not only that, because we can choose to recreate the tail only above, both above and below, or do without it completely.

Here our personal taste comes into play and then the color of our eyes, hair, complexion also plays a fundamental role: certain types of looks are good for every woman.

But how can we apply eyeliner to get a precise line to the nth degree? The trick is only one: orient ourselves with the outer corner of the eye, which will essentially become our guide.

At that point you will simply have to follow the shape of your eye and then create the angle you want, proceeding diagonally, in order to make your eye appear more elongated.

Alternatively you can also create an imaginary line starting from the outer corner of your eye with a concealer. Obviously then, after applying the eyeliner, you will have to take care to blend it until it is removed.

Yet another option consists in applying the scotch tape where you want to recreate the tail, so that it is simply perfect.

In any case, once all this is done, you can choose how to “decorate” your look. You can opt to add rhinestones, sequins, bright colors to the eyeliner. You can add a strong eyeshadow, or a blended one, but you can also simply opt for a colored eyeliner.

If you want more summer makeup tips, here’s how to recreate one based simply on intense lips and bright eyes.

In short, choose everything that makes you feel good, not only this summer, but always.

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