The face mist will hydrate your skin in the summer like nothing has ever done before

Face mist

The best way to have perfectly hydrated skin even in summer, with very high temperatures, is to use face mist. What are? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

You dream of always having skin perfectly hydrated, luminous and compact even in summer?

Face mist

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There is a foolproof method that you will surely fall in love with. These are face mist, a product arrived directly from Korea – and there we know how much importance is given to skin care – to make our skin perfect always, but especially in the summer.

We are in fact in front of a hybrid product. On the one hand, it contains water, on the other specific active ingredients for each type of dermis.

We can therefore speak of waters, but be careful not to confuse them with the thermal ones, because they are completely different.

The thing in common is that both often come in spray form, so you can carry it in your purse and take it out whenever you feel the need.

That said, what exactly are face mist, who are they suitable for and how are they used?

That’s what face mist is for

The face mist they are basically nourishing waters and can be used for various purposes.

Face mist

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For example, we can use them in the morning, before proceeding with our beauty routine – but after cleansing – to ensure that our skin is perfectly hydrated and ready to welcome the following products.

In this way, some specifically (including especially hyaluronic acid) will have an enhanced action and the result will be a compact skin like never before.

Alternatively, you can apply face mist after make-up, so as to fix it: in essence they will act in this case as a real fixative, so as to make your makeup long-lasting. And, you know, in this heat not having to touch up your make-up continuously during the day can already be a good thing.

Furthermore you can apply these waters even during the day simply to refresh the skin, especially in this period when the very high temperatures are the masters.

So your skin will not dry out, it will be very bright and you will also look rejuvenated.

We must also add that many face lists they also contain aloe vera and we know how important this is especially for some skin types.

In fact this also makes it suitable to those who have dry, ultra-sensitive skin, or suffer from skin redness.

Also like this you can stimulate cell regeneration, so as to counteract any premature aging and to keep the skin always perfectly elastic.

In fact, by spraying face mist on the face several times during the day, you will see your skin immediately more hydrated.

And it doesn’t end there, because if you have particularly delicate skin, you can opt for unscented waters, which are therefore even softer and fresher.

That said, how can we choose the right face mist for us? It all depends on the temperature.

For example, in this period when it is the heat that reigns supreme, especially the opacifying ones are recommended, especially for those with oily skin, which therefore tends to be shiny (and with sweat this effect is normally enhanced).

Alternatively, you can lean towards those containing hyaluronic acid, which has a plumping effect, makes your skin immediately younger and will also help you to better withstand sudden changes in temperature.

In any case, in the summer the beauty routine needs a few more rules and here is our guide.

However, for sure, inserting face mist inside the summer skin care can be an excellent solution in the summer.

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