The favorite products of the month of October: makeup but not only

The favorite products of the month of October: makeup but not only

October favorites have a special focus on the eyes, not to mention skincare, a perfect face base and a surprise that anticipates Christmas

October time to change colors, skincare products, face base products and, above all, prepare for Christmas. For this month, as far as makeup is concerned, I selected an eye primer to make makeup last longer, an eye palette with autumn colors, a powder to best mattify the T-Zone, but without weighing it down. For the face base, on the other hand, one of the best serums tried in recent years, which really changes the texture of the skin. Finally, a little anticipation to Christmas with an advent calendar full of Korean skincare products, to pamper your skin every day and discover many different brands. Discover the favorites of the month of October!

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Serum Crystal Elixir Siero Viso

I’m not kidding, I think this is one of the best face products I have tried. I am not exaggerating but I have rarely seen such radical and rapid changes to my skin. I’m talking about Charlotte Tilbury’s face serum, Magic Serum Crystal Elixir. The texture is soft and almost gel, fresh on the face, absorbs quickly and leaves the skin smooth and very soft. However, it is not only a temporary effect given by the application of the product, after a few days of use the skin still appears smooth, smooth, with the reliefs of small leveled imperfections and extremely soft.

The complexion is lightened, even in small spots and discolorations, decidedly more uniform but above all illuminated. I used it between late August and early October applying it both morning and evening, even without applying another face cream on top, but if you have dry skin it is better to add this step too. In the morning, it makes the skin so smooth that the makeup, especially foundation and concealer, glides easily on the skin, thus creating a face base that is not heavy at all and works as an excellent face primer.

Contains peptides with anti-wrinkle efficacy, golden vitamin C with illuminating power, a hydrating complex with polyglutamic acid four times more moisturizing than hyaluronic acid, that’s why I didn’t feel the need to apply a cream afterwards, because I felt the skin already extremely hydrated, not greasy, not sticky, not heavy.

Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte's Magic Serum Crystal Elixir

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Serum Crystal Elixir Face Serum. Price: € 74.90 on

Urban Decay Primer Potion Eden Eye Primer

A name that guarantees: Urban Decay Primer Potion is not just an eye primer but it is THE eye primer. I have been buying and repurchasing it for years, I use it on myself, on clients I make up for weddings or events and for models. Create an even base on which to apply eye makeup but, above all, make sure that it does not accumulate in the folds, especially if you have a very oily eyelid.

The Eden version is my favorite because being slightly colored it also eliminates redness and discoloration of the eyelid, thus creating a uniform and homogeneous base on which to apply the eyeshadows. However, it also exists in a transparent version, the classic and most famous, in an anti-aging version suitable for those with some signs of aging or in a metallic version if you love making makeup with shimmering or shimmer eyeshadows.

If you want to create intense makeup, dab the eyeshadows when the primer is not yet completely dry, otherwise mattify it with a veil of powder and then blend the colors, for more delicate makeup or for those who are beginners and are afraid of staining. You will immediately see how the eyeshadows will be more pigmented but above all how the make-up at the end of the day will still be perfect.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Eden

Urban Decay Primer Potion Eden Eye Primer. Price: € 26.50 on

Nabla Cosmetics Cutie Palette Wild Berry

Nabla Cosmetics palettes are among my all time favorites, especially the Cutie Palettes. They have a low price, a very high quality, they are small but the eyeshadows inside are not at all. Easy to blend, they allow you to really create any type of makeup, from the most natural to the most intense, from the most neutral to the most colorful, from complex makeup to makeup that is very quick to make.

With the arrival of autumn I pulled out of my makeup collection the Nabla Cosmetics Cutie Palette Wild Berry palette because it contains a mix of warm and cold colors, neutrals and purple, matte and shimmer shades. Alchemy 2.0 is my favorite eyeshadow, a practically transparent purple and blue duochrome to be used both alone for an ultra-bright wet effect and as a topper on other eyeshadows to create never predictable reflections. Blackberry is perfect for making a burgundy smokey eyes ideal for a green eye make-up or for making an eyeliner. In short, the combinations are so many, to have fun with a small palette that is also perfect for traveling.

Nabla Cosmetics Cutie Palette Wild Berry. Price: € 23.50 on

Neve Cosmetics Cipria Flat Perfection Drama Matte

I have been using Neve Cosmetics face powder for many years now but I had always used the loose powder version. But I wanted a compact powder to always carry with me and the Neve Cosmetics Flat Perfection Drama Matte (but also the Velvet Matte version), is perfect for mattifying the face base all day long. Comfortable, because it is equipped with a mirror, I always carry it with me to touch up my make-up or dull the T-zone if I am away from home for a long time. In reality, however, there is almost never a need, the initial application is enough to fix the foundation when I have not yet left the house. It does not feel on the skin, does not have a dusty effect and is completely transparent.

Neve Cosmetics Flat Perfection Drama Matte

Neve Cosmetics Face Powder Flat Perfection Drama Matte. Price: € 14.90 on

MiiN Cosmetics Advent Calendar 2021

If there is one thing I love, besides pizza, it’s Christmas. And what’s better to get ready for Christmas than opening a box on the Advent calendar every day? One of my favorites, which also accompanied me throughout December last year, is the 2021 MiiN Cosmetics Advent Calendar, obviously with a beauty theme. If you love skincare do not miss it, especially if you are a fan of the Korean one.

Many mini sizes, which are not so mini and some products in full size, a selection for face and body to try many products of Korean brands. Considering the total quantity of the products you try, which can then be purchased separately in full size, the price is really affordable, because with 24 products between mini and normal size you go on a long time, seeing is believing.

MiiN Cosmetics Beauty Advent Calendar 2021

Miin Cosmetics Advent Calendar 2021. Price: € 109.95 on

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