The favorites of November: between skincare, haircare and face and eyes

The favorites of November: between skincare, haircare and face and eyes

Time to reveal the favorites of the month and, in November, let's talk about eye and face palette, anti-blue light skincare and haircare

Time for Christmas air in sight, the holidays are approaching … so I thought of grouping 5 November favorites, also perfect for a gift to unwrap under the tree! We focus on the face and its frame, starting from the hair, and then moving on to skincare, because without skin preparation no makeup can work miracles. We then move on to eye makeup with a perfect palette for those who love colors but also natural make-up and we end up with a touch of color on the face and some sparkling reflections … to shine during the holidays!

CRLab Delicate Shampoo for Frequent Washes and Nourishing Cream Balm

I had the opportunity to test CRLab products for a month, which I met after doing a trichological consultation with them. With a camera they checked the condition of my scalp and hair and, to my surprise since I have been "mistreating" them for years with bleaches and dyes, they are not so bad. They are many, thick and wavy therefore dry on the lengths, normal on the skin. They recommended the Delicate Frequent Wash Shampoo and the Nourishing Balm Cream and, I must say, I have noticed excellent results. The shampoo cleanses thoroughly without attacking, I do not feel the skin tingle or at the same time an action that is too degreasing and contains delicate surfactants, therefore also suitable for sensitive subjects. The nourishing balm cream, on the other hand, is highly detangling and helps me keep frizz at bay, making my hair soft and shiny. Contains cashmere proteins and, despite being nourishing, the hair is not weighed down. Note also about their hair mousse, which I use to give volume and increase the formation and hold of curls, the thing that surprised me most is that the volume remains even in the following days, after sleeping on it … never again without!

Source: CRLab

Everyday For Future Special Kit Mask and Face Cream

Everyday For Future masks have a concept that I really like, that is the “savings pack” as I call it. No superfluous packaging, a simple sachet in which the product is enclosed, almost as if it were single-dose. But it is resealable and, on each package, there is also written the number of uses that can be done in total. This helps a lot to dose the right amount of product, without waste. I find that they are perfect for traveling, because they do not take up space and are not heavy, but not only that, the formulations are environmentally friendly and with natural ingredients. For this Christmas, two special kits have been released containing a mask and face cream, with a scent that conquers instantly: Saltycaramel with salted caramel and, my favorite, Chocohug with chocolate and orange … mouth-watering!

Source: Everyday For Future

Erikioba x Cosmyfy Hocus Pocus (No More) Blue Mondays Face Toner and Cream

Have you ever heard of blue light? It is what is emitted by technological devices such as computers and smartphones and to which we are subjected every day. They too, like the sun's rays, cause premature skin aging and it is good to protect yourself, especially if we spend many hours using them. Erikioba has launched a dedicated line together with Cosmyfy, Hocus Pocus (No More) Blue Mondays that I am using every day, since between working on the PC and on the mobile phone, my day is practically marked by blue light … The tonic is very particular, because it is denser than usual and I prefer to use it by tapping it with the palm of my hands. It is moisturizing and I use it in place of the serum, before applying the cream, with its characteristic blue color. Contains shea butter and is emollient but not too heavy, also to use as a make-up base. It absorbs quickly and leaves the skin satin, eliminating the sheen of shine but leaving the skin radiant at the same time.

Source: Cosmyfy

Juno by Cleotoms Basic Witch Palette

Basic Witch by Juno is the Cleotoms palette, his first, which puts everyone in agreement: lovers of color, lovers of neutral makeup, mattes, bright and metallic colors. I find it a versatile palette because it has everything you need: light colors to use as a transition tone, light point, dark colors to intensify but also notes of color, including a yellow and a fuchsia for a bright pop that makes any look lively. . The eyeshadow formula is excellent, they are easy to blend together to create color transitions, but also to avoid detaching the skin. An honorable mention to the Witch color, a copper color with pink, blue, green and white holographic micro glitters that make it unique, full of multifaceted reflections, giving a wet effect once applied to the eye. But also Scared, the black you don't expect, soft almost as if it were cream, slightly satin, almost latex effect and with a pigmentation and coverage that I have rarely seen in black. Full and intense, it almost looks like a liquid eyeshadow from what it is writing.

Source: Juno

Mulac Cosmetics Good Trip Palette Face Powders

Mulac Cosmetics' highlighters need no introduction: they are very bright, mirrored effect and are the most reflective that I have. In the Good Trip palette there are two, Painkiller more golden, a warm gold with slightly pink reflections and Freedom, a light bronze. Both are suitable for more complexions, because applied in shades they lose the color base and go well with even very light skin without staining, applied more abundantly they are perfect even on dark skin. In the palette, then, there is the Euphoria blush, a perfect coral color but not too vivid and summery, which gives a health effect to the face. Very pigmented, it only takes a little and it fades easily without creating stains and can be layered for a more natural or more intense effect.

Source: Mulac Cosmetics

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