The (first) 30 years of Belen Rodriguez. All the photos of the party

The (first) 30 years of Belen Rodriguez. All the photos of the party

Belen Rodriguez, the most beautiful photos of 2014

The goal of the 30, in the case of Rodriguez, coincides with the first wedding anniversary. A year ago Belen and Stefano De Martino celebrated their wedding at Villa Giannone, a location made even more spectacular by the pyrotechnic setting chosen by the spouses to give their guests an unforgettable party.

For Belen these 30 years also coincide with the maturity and the achievement of the goals she had set herself to achieve, as an artist and as a woman. On the other hand, that for her the career had a specific weight was explicit, she had never made it a mystery.

Nor has it ever concealed how strong the bond that binds it to Stefano and Santiago, the son he had from the dancer who came out of that television factory of the award-winning firm De Filippi-Costanzo and who, let's love him, was not among the best known names when he met Belen. Today we admire them on social media, we observe them exchanging affection gestures and gifts, smiling at the 30-year party organized by Belen for family and friends. But today's image of serenity is the most distant from the previous one.

After the long relationship with the footballer Marco Borriello, Belen had gained fame and popularity during the Island of the famous who marked the break with the attacker and the advent, in his life, of Fabrizio Corona.

A troubled, complex relationship, of which Belen spoke in more than one interview: for Fabrizio he spent perhaps crude but true words. To change her life was this boy, 5 years younger and with a seductive past that seems to have been archived with the entry of his life in Belen and the arrival of Santiago.

Today at his side there is a man who loves and who loves her: "He turned my life upside down, I didn't even understand what I was called …", he said of him, of this boy from Torre Annunziata.

A man distant from those who preceded him, in the life and heart of Belen, to whom she dedicates a very sweet thought: "And then I saw you, and I knew all this. You gave me" life ", in all its stronger expressions, you filled it with colors, all those shades that I prefer the most. You made sense of everything, only you could do it. I love you fall with mas fuerza. Happy birthday, Belen.

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