The first smartphone to a child: 5 things to know

Is your child going to have his first smartphone and you are assailed by a thousand doubts? Here are 5 things to know to protect it from the dangers of the web

Here we are: the age has come when your children start asking insistently for the first smartphone. They chase you from room to room to tell you that their friends already have one, until you give in and decide to give it to them, as long as the report card is exemplary. However, this is not a choice to be taken lightly. The web hides, in fact, many pitfalls and it is important to protect children and adolescents from content unsuitable for their age.

Here are 5 things to know about a child's first smartphone

  • Parental control

    The parental control or family filter allows to avoid exposure of children to contents considered dangerous and violent. This software does not pass anything other than a list of sites approved by the parent. Furthermore, to protect children from the vision of violent images or pornographic material, you can install special browsers for children, which are based on so-called "white lists", or lists of sites that can be visited.

  • Chronology

    One of the most effective ways to monitor your children's activities on their smartphone is to go straight to the browser's history. However, the child or adolescent can outsmart us and soon find out that just click on "delete history" to ensure that adults cannot find out which sites they have browsed. In this case, you can use the Yu Control reporting system, which will allow you to be informed in real time or periodically about the content viewed by your children.

  • Social Network

    Even social networks can hide many pitfalls. According to the rules of Facebook, the minimum age for registration is 13, yet evading security control is child's play. The chats are of particular concern. In this case, the solution would be to prevent the device from accessing certain sites, with the help of specific programs. Configure your child's social profile with him: in this way, you can show him the useful features of the settings, such as block management, to ban unwanted people or block inappropriate apps and games.

  • Youtube

    If watching videos is your teen's favorite pastime, it is a good idea to activate the site's protection mode, via the link at the bottom of the home page. This will prevent the child from accessing violent or erotic content, including specific keywords.

  • Access codes

    Make sure that your children share PIN and PUK of their smartphone and access codes to social profiles with you. Explain to them that family sharing is important, educating them in safe navigation.

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