The food travelkit. What to eat when you travel

The food travelkit. What to eat when you travel

Snacks "smart" to break hunger without weighing you down; the ideal lunch if you are driving; tips for commuters

Summer. Time for travel and weekend getaways. Often, especially those who follow a conscious diet rich in healthy food and lots of good fresh fruit and vegetables, cereals and legumes, when they are away from home for a few days they have difficulty following the food plan they are used to. And even if in recent years hotels all over the world have adapted to the needs of their customers who are increasingly attentive to health, offering varied and very healthy foods, a small "conscious feeding" kit, to be prepared at home and brought with you, can always come in handy.

Dr. Marilù Mengoni, nutritionist biologist and psychologist, creator of the Psychoalimentation method and author of the book “Psychoalimentation. Feeding the body and mind "(

In the volume, the expert explains the best strategies to continue maintaining your nutritional style. “Even when I travel on business and stay 2-3 nights in the hotel, in addition to the suitcase I always prepare my psycho-feeding kit to take with me for the trip with the products necessary to be as independent as possible. I, for example, never give up on Budwig cream. So I equip myself with soy yogurt, linseed oil (I put it in a small glass bottle), lemons, apples, raisins, sunflower seeds and buckwheat (I arrange the latter two together in a single bag). In this way it is easy even in the hotel not to deprive myself of my breakfast, nutritious, tasty and energetic. And as soon as I arrive at my destination, I immediately put away what is needed in the fridge-bar of the room I occupy ”.

Smart snacks if you're driving

If you have a long journey ahead, teasing something in the car can be useful to keep concentration high, even without weighing down the body. "Ideal – explains the expert – are Goji berries and shelled peanuts, or sprouts. Or you can prepare salted biscuits using whole grains, which are also excellent hunger-breakers. Making them is very simple: soak for at least 12 hours 100 g of amaranth, 100 g of quinoa, 80 g of lentils, 100 g of sesame, 1 teaspoon of salt and rosemary (just enough). Then throw the water away and rinse. Chop the cereals, legumes and seeds together with a chopper. Boil a cup of water and pour it over the dough to form a thick paste, to leave it to rest for at least an hour, to make it mix better. Then form the biscuits with the dough: to do this, take a teaspoon and crush it on the pan with a fork in order to obtain very thin discs (2-3 mm thick) of about 7 cm in diameter. Bake at a temperature of 115 ° for half an hour. Let it cool in the oven, then put the biscuits in airtight jars.

Light lunch

For the meal during the trip, however, the ideal would be a spelled sandwich stuffed with a tofu cream, or with an avocado sauce or with chickpea hummus. “Good and healthy – explains Dr. Mengoni – they are light foods, which do not weigh down and which make it possible not to eat in Autogrill. The sandwich should always be preceded by vegetables washed and cut into small pieces. When traveling, a fennel and carrots are very easy to eat even while driving. Of course we can also provide cooked food, perhaps left over from the day before, such as legumes or cereals. I normally put everything in a practical thermal bag, in which I insert a spoon, knife, fork and a cup … without forgetting the water, of course "!

"As for dinners away from home – continues the expert – since my choice is a plant-based diet, before leaving I look for suitable places on the internet, which serve" right "meals (and not just the sad grilled vegetables that many restaurants offer to those who ask to eat vegan), and I do this even when I have to go abroad, both for work and for holidays ".

All easy-to-implement tips that can also be followed by those who often eat meals in the office for work. "For many, eating at home is a 'luxury' that is difficult to achieve – says the nutritionist. And often they prefer to give up a healthy diet to go instead to canteens and fast food, or they take a break at the bar and quickly eat a sandwich. Now, this wouldn't be so problematic if it happened for one or two meals a week, but it becomes so if 5 or 6 days out of 7 we feed ourselves in this way. For commuters who have to stay out for lunch, however, the best advice I can give is to bring something from home: it can be a bit of vegetables, but also what is left over from the night before (if you have prepared a good risotto, what does it cost you to bring it with you?), or, if you really don't want to give up the sandwich, you can prepare it using wholemeal bread, stuffed with vegetables and sauces prepared following healthy recipes ".

In short, if well organized, you can follow your healthy line wherever we go. Word of nutritionist!

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