The former Benedetta Mazza speaks to Dani Osvaldo and Veera Kinnunen

Benedetta Mazza returns to talk about the former Dani Osvaldo and reveals that she met him

Dani Osvaldo and Veera Kinnunen have finally chosen to live their love in the sunlight. A relationship born in Ballando con le Stelle and also commented by Benedetta Mazza, a former historian of the footballer.

It was 2015 when Benedetta, model and star of the Inheritance, left everything to follow the dream of a love with Osvaldo. The couple moved to Argentina after love at first sight, but the relationship did not end well. During the time of Big Brother Vip, Mazza often spoke about the relationship with Dani and their love story that was one of the most important of her life.

After the end of the story, the bond between the model and the sportsman (now a singer) remained very strong, so much so that Benedetta repeatedly stated that she was rooting for Dani during his participation in Ballando con le Stelle. In the program of Milly Carlucci, Osvaldo found love with the dancer Veera Kinnunen, who at the time of their first meeting was still engaged to Stefano Oradei.

The rest is history: the dancer's jealousy, the apology request by the presenter and an Instagram post in which, after the show ended, Dani and Veera came out of the closet. Today the footballer and the dancer are one of the most discussed couples, so much so that some time ago a meeting of Benedetta Mazza with the former had caused a sensation.

"We saw each other in friendship – the model confessed to the weekly Vero -. I'm glad to see him again, we have excellent relationships. Everyone has their own life – he added -, but the gossip goes crazy when two ex review each other because a case is immediately created. No flashbacks: the story is over ".

During the GF Vip, Benedetta had created a very nice relationship with Stefano Sala, engaged to Dasha Dereviankina, but the friendship ended after the end of the reality show. "Stefano and I have no more relations – he clarified -. We are in the same agency, but each has taken its own direction. If he is happy, I am for him. In that context a special relationship was born between us: in addition to the potential for love, there were solid foundations for friendship, at least on my part. In life, choices are made. Today I think it was right for so many reasons. Everyone has got what they deserve. "

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