The four twins of hope born in a refugee camp

The four twins of hope born in a refugee camp

The images of the four twins

When we saw the release of Medici Senza Frontiere, we didn't expect anyone to talk about this. We know the organizational and medical support activities for refugees who, with determination, volunteers and members of the NGO are pursuing in the most complex crisis centers to manage, at an international level.

Their sacrifice, their defeats, the silence on the part of some mainstream media on such delicate subjects avoid geopolitics and the consequences on civilians and refugees. For this reason, we did not expect to read about four twins born in a camp, children of a refugee couple from Mali.

The children came to light in the MSF health facility in Bassikounou, Mauritania: a unique event. A "quadruple hope" for thousands of people living in extreme conditions. A note that documents the commitment and the will to overcome the barriers of the normal news selection practice. Good news, good news.

Taghri and Massaya, the parents of these wonderful twins, are among the 57,000 people who fled the conflict in Mali to seek refuge in the Mbera refugee camp in Mauritania. They arrived carrying only a few clothes, but also something more important: Taghri was pregnant. The doctors of the MSF team transferred them to the Bassikounou health center, where the ultrasound revealed baby 1,2,3,4. The little ones were born in the operating room of Medici Senza Frontiere.

The children are growing well, the smallest weighing 3.43 pounds. The parents hope to return to the camp and reunite with their community, even if life is not going to be easy. Massaya Ag Iliyass, the father, is a farmer from Molé, Mali, but he lost almost everything because of the conflict. Taghri Walet Tokeye, the mother, knows how to sew but has no tools to start a business and derive an income from it.

"Doctors Without Borders is taking care of our children (the twins: Aboubakrine Ag, Fatim Walet, Ousmane Ag and Oumar Ag). Without their help we would not know how to deal with all this. The arrival of the four twins represents hope for us but also a great challenge. We want to take care of all of them and their education. Now I have 10 children, "said Massaya, the father of the children. "My concern is our return to Mali when conditions improve. We will have to rebuild our lives. I will need help to take care of my family, to see my children grow. My ambition is to start a small business and open a tailor shop. for my wife. "

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