The fundamental books to read during pregnancy

The fundamental books to read during pregnancy

Here are the fundamental books to read during pregnancy to better address pregnancy and its role as a parent

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience for every woman who is often poorly trained, to face her better and to pass the time, future mothers can devote themselves to reading. In fact, there are some fundamental books to read during the gestation period.

Let's start from what has always been considered the bible of future parents: "The secret language of newborns" by Tracy Hogg. This is a real manual for interpreting the newborn, from the different types of crying to body movements. Many concrete examples and advice for new parents to establish a relationship with the child and learn to better understand their needs and what they want to express.

Not to be missed either "What to Expect When Expecting", the Heidi Murkoff bestseller also became a movie, which tells the pregnancy in a very simple and clear way. This book answers the questions that all parents ask themselves and it is a guide that accompanies parents towards the beginning of a new life, starting from before conception, up to the period after the birth. A manual to learn about every aspect of pregnancy, week after week, and to always discover something new about this wonderful adventure.

Those facing the second pregnancy are facing new fears and questions, especially with regard to the first child, who will have to interact with the new arrival. How to behave in this case? What to do? The "Welcome little brother, welcome little sister" reveals it, a useful manual to answer all those questions that mothers ask themselves in this situation, offering food for thought and useful advice.

For mothers who want to test themselves, there is instead "How to release the potential of your child". A Montessori book with lots of games to create using recycled materials, using recycled objects, but also interesting suggestions to discover the potential of your child, helping him to develop them.

Finally, for those seeking a valid aid to face the education of their child there is “On the side of parents. Tools to live their educational role well ”. A manual that offers food for thought, examples and indications for living the role of parent in the right way, setting rules, but also leaving room for mistakes and moments of growth.

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