The GF Vip beats all records: the date of the final has been revealed

Alfonso Signorini

This will be a historic edition of “Big Brother Vip”, the longest ever: the date of the final has been announced

GF Vip 6: the official cast

While the dynamics inside the House are becoming more and more lively, the long-awaited confirmation arrives: this year the Big Brother Vip will be extended by several weeks, giving us a record edition. In fact, the date of the final has been revealed, and we can already say that this year will be the longest reality show of all time.

GF Vip, the date of the final

In recent days there had already been talk of the possible extension of the GF Vip. Last year’s edition, which should have ended shortly before Christmas, had instead arrived until 1 March 2021 – on balance, it lasted a good 167 days. And Alfonso Signorini had been a great success, so much so that many thought that once again he would do everything to lengthen the time. Apparently, he did it: the decision came from the Mediaset top management, which took into consideration the excellent audience figures of the last few weeks.

As TvBlog reveals, the broadcaster has also announced the date on which the final of the GF Vip will be broadcast. It is Monday 14 March 2022, truly one step away from the beginning of spring. In short, if we thought that the last edition was long, this is ready to break all records. Of course, a lot of things will change from here to that day, starting with the cast. We can already say that there will be many surprises, including new entries and guests who will move the waters a little inside the most spied on house in Italy.

The news of the GF Vip

Speaking of new entries: recently numerous rumors have spread about some very famous characters ready to cross the famous red threshold. But apparently it is still early, for the moment the tenants of the GF Vip will not have to compete for the attention of the public with other “rivals”. It is likely that some new contestants will make their entrance in the coming months, perhaps in view of Christmas, when the current cast will inevitably be downsized due to the eliminations. Not to mention the possibility that some will leave the reality show when they find out about its extension.

GF Vip, how the schedule changes

Due to the extension of the GF Vip, the Canale 5 schedule will undergo significant changes. The first news should arrive before the end of the year: according to what TvBlog reports, the double weekly direct will end on December 17, to make room for the Christmas holidays. However, it will resume with the beginning of 2022, probably after January 6, and will remain in force until the end of this very long edition of the reality show. And immediately after? The broadcaster had planned a new program for the first months of the year, but now everything changes.

It is likely that next spring one of the most anticipated broadcasts of the year, Isola dei Famosi will be back – with the conduct of Ilary Blasi, who did well in the past edition. If so, there would be no room for La Talpa, a reality show that hasn’t been talked about for a long time. 2022 should have been the year of his return to the screens, and perhaps the last word has not yet been said: perhaps he will carve out a corner in the autumn schedule, starting from September.

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