The gold eye make-up is the top for the summer: all the most beautiful variants

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Gold eye makeup will also be a must in summer 2022: just wear it well and know which colors to choose for a super trendy combination.

Gold is an absolutely not to be overlooked color for summer make-up. It is in fact a light color that illuminates without making us appear pale. The risk, when we are tanned, is precisely that of creating a make-up that does not go well with the tan. There is no risk with gold!

summer gold eye makeup


In fact, in the summer our complexion changes color even drastically. It “warms up” by becoming more golden and more pigmented thanks to tanning.

This implies that certain colors and application patterns perfect during the winter could turn out completely out of place during the summer.

The reason is that light and cold colors how pale pink, white and light gray they will not go well with the color of the tan and may make us appear pale and sickly.

This means that we will have to try to replace the colors of the cold palette with warmer colors, like all shades of beige, peach and light brown.

Obviously, however, these are very neutral colors and, with a matte finish, they could give life to a dull and unattractive eye make-up.

For this reason a golden shimmer eyeshadow is ideal to give light and definition to the eye makeup, blending perfectly with tanned skin.

All the secrets to achieving flawless gold eye makeup

A gold eye makeup must be able to go along that subtle line between a flashy look and an elegant look, without trespassing on “too much”.

gold and brown eye makeup

(Collage from Pinterest: cut crease eye makeup and halo eyes makeup)

The advice is to always combine it with colors that can “turn it off” at least in part and that can balance its great brightness with rather soft shadow areas.

Before proceeding to apply the makeup however it will be it is essential to use a good eye primer. This cosmetic will form a homogeneous base for application makeup but above all it will prevent the bright specks of the eyeshadow from falling out and to “cross over” into the dark part of the make-up.

Another very important secret is the choose a shimmer gold eyeshadow but without too large glitter. In this way, two very positive effects will be achieved.

First of all, the shimmer eyeshadow, that is, with reflective micro flakes, is much more refined and elegant than a cosmetic with very large and voluminous reflective particles. Secondly, a finer grained metallic eyeshadow is easier to apply and blend and, finally, it tends to last longer and cause much less fallout.

As for the application, the advice is to proceed with a very small brush, possibly with a sponge and not equipped with bristles. In this way you will be able to make the product adhere very well to the eyelid making its brightness more intense.

For blend the edges of the area where the golden eyeshadow has been applied, a small bristle brush can be used instead.

As for the colors to choose for the shaded areas they must always be matte and dark, but it is better to avoid black in order not to harden the facial features too much and make the eyes appear “older” than they are.

The ideal colors for this are hot or cold dark browns. The cold brown, that is, what it contains blue pigments, is perfect for olive complexions and for women with cool undertones. On the contrary, i dark brown but warm they are ideal for skin with a golden tan.

In general, however, it must be borne in mind that with tanned skin warm browns are more harmonious. Better to always use those and apply a small amount of cool brown only where you want to make the shade more intense.

The halo eyes makeup it is perfect to make with golden eyeshadow. Makes the eye appear bigger, brighter and protruding, therefore certainly more expressive. Here we explain how to make halo eyes make up step by step.

Purple is the ideal color if you want to dare a super combination

Although gold needs to be “toned down” by dark colors, you can also choose a completely different path and use a super eye-catching color able to create a great contrast with the main color of the make-up.

gold and purple eye makeup

(Collage from Pinterest)

The ideal color for this purpose is the light purple or lilac, which can be used both under the lower lashes, both in the form of eyeliner along the upper lash line.

The advice is to opt to apply the color under the eye only if we do NOT have downward eyes, because in that case the eyes would give the impression of “descending” further along the cheek.

If you have the light eyes it is better to use the viola in combination with a warm dark brown at the outer corner of the eye. In this way you will avoid creating a make-up that is too “flat” and not very three-dimensional.

The Council of Chedonna |  Eyeshadow Gold Shimmer KIKO

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The Council of TipsForWomens | Eyeshadow Gold Shimmer KIKO


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