The golden couple of our cinema together again. And fly to Cannes

Luca Marinelli and Alessandro Borghi together again, 7 years after “Don’t be bad”, for “The Eight Mountains”, a film about friendship and nature, based on the Strega award book and selected for Cannes

Two golden actors of our cinema, among (if not the) best, Luca Marinelli and Alessandro Borghi, a beautiful book that won the Strega prize in 2017, a coming-of-age novel centered on the friendship between two men and the majestic beauty of mountains of the Val D’Aosta. These are the excellent premises with which The Eight Mountains, directed by Felix van Groeningen and Charlotte Vandermeersch. will arrive at the next Cannes Film Festival, which will be held from 17 to 28 May 2020. And will compete for the Palme D’Oro.

Luca Marinelli and Alessandro Borghi together again in The Eight Mountains

Marinelli and Borghi, together again after Don’t be bad

Marinelli and Borghi reunite seven years after the beautiful Non Be Bad, third feature film by Claudio Caligari, who died immediately after the end of filming and before the release of the film, in 2015. Then they were two young promises of our cinema, Alessandro ( born in 1986) in his first important role, after Suburra, Luca (1984) already appreciated for The solitude of prime numbers by Saverio Costanzo and All saints days by Paolo Virzì.

Marinelli and Borghi in "Don

Marinelli and Borghi, the success after Don’t be bad

A few years later they have become two purebred actors, veterans of critical and public successes. Luca recently took on the role of Diabolik, in the Manetti Bros film of the same name, Alessandro was an intense Stefano Cucchi (On my skin), the tormented Remo in Il primo re, between superstition and rationality and alongside Patrick Dempsy in Diavoli .

Marinelli and Borghi, in competition at Cannes with The Eight Mountains

In Don’t be bad they were two fellow townspeople, who were trying to redeem themselves from a life predestined for misery and failure, in The Eight Mountains they are two friends from different backgrounds, a citizen of a good family Pietro, who lives in the mountains only in summer, in his holiday home in Graines, a fraction of the Municipality of Brusson (in Val d’Ayas), son of local mountaineers Bruno, the latter, with a destiny apparently already written and circumscribed. But not necessarily worse.

Marinelli and Borghi in "Don

Thanks to their first collaboration, Borghi won the NuovoImaie Talent Award as best new Italian actor and was nominated as best actor at the 2016 David di Donatello, while Marinelli with the following called him Jeeg Robot (crazy in the role of the Gypsy) and the biopic on De Andrè he has become one of the most versatile interpreters around.

Today they find themselves together, no longer in the degraded Roman suburbs, but against the backdrop of a majestic and fascinating nature. Which kidnaps and from which it is often difficult to get away and break ties.

In the film Marinelli is Pietro, Borghi is Bruno. “My happiness is like these mountains. Let’s go to Cannes, full of love. Thank you ”The first writes on Instagram. The same love with which, we are sure, will be repaid by the public.

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