The hair products 2021 must have to have them healthy, strong and shiny

The hair products 2021 must have to have them healthy, strong and shiny

To have a flowing hair there are many precautions including the choice of the right products, which is fundamental

If your desire is to have a flowing and perfect hair like that of Hollywood stars, choosing the right hair products is essential. In fact, it is true that everything starts with nutrition, habits and the rhythm of life, but also the right cosmetics can help you get long, healthy, strong and shiny hair. Not just shampoo and conditioner, there are many proposals including wraps, serums, masks, scrubs and styling products that can make a real difference.

Pre shampoo packs, ideal for dry and brittle hair

For those with treated, bleached, dry or damaged hair, pre-shampoo packs are a real cure-all. They are applied to dry or slightly damp hair, depending on the indications and are left on for a variable time, usually from 15-20 minutes to an hour, before proceeding with the usual shampoo. Many of these products are natural, rich in oils and nutrients that penetrate deeply into the hair, restructuring it, making it soft, hydrated and plumped.

The vast majority of these products have a shock action in a few minutes but it is often recommended to leave them on all night and wash the hair in the morning. If your hair is thin and not in large quantities, leave it on for less time and do not abuse it, doing these packs about once a month. To make them even more effective, you can wrap your head in a warm turban or a plastic cap, to be kept and reused several times, in order to generate heat.


The scalp scrub to help circulation and fortify them

The scalp scrub is a product that is still little known and used, but a real game changer. Just as it is used for the face, to eliminate dead cells and help cell renewal and eliminate impurities, so it acts on the hair. The texture is usually creamy or gel and is massaged into the scalp. The particles inside will exert a delicate (and be careful to choose products without microplastics, so as not to pollute the environment) exfoliating action, which rebalances the scalp but also stimulates circulation. It is a treatment to be done about twice a month, an extra pampering that helps eliminate toxins, dead cells but also accumulation of styling products or polluting particles that are deposited on the scalp.


Anti-hair loss serums and massages for those who notice thinning

For those who notice seasonal hair thinning or for those who want to prevent it or take care of the scalp and not just the hair, there are specific serums and products to be rubbed locally. Hair loss products should be used in cycles, to avoid and minimize seasonal loss, but there are cosmetics based on hyaluronic acid or nourishing and moisturizing or purifying substances that rebalance the scalp, the production of sebum and help against itching or flaking. They are applied and massaged on clean hair, after having performed the shampoo without it going to grease or dirty the hair. However, each product is unique and it is necessary to read the instructions to understand when and how often to apply them.


Cowash conditioners for curly and moisturizing hair

Cowash is a hair washing technique that does not use classic shampoos but conditioners with light surfactants, which have the power to wash the hair but in a delicate way. There are low cost conditioners suitable for this use but there are more and more brands that formulate specific ones, filling them with active ingredients for each type of hair. They are ideal especially for those with very curly or frizzy hair, because by doing this you can wash the hair without dehydrating it and keeping it disciplined but also for those who need to wash their hair often because they tend to get fat, so as to always have it clean without attack them and lengthen washing times.


Mild shampoos for sensitive skin or frequent washing

For those with sensitive skin and is a victim of itching and irritation, it is better to opt for shampoo for frequent washing or delicate hair. Not all products, in fact, are the same and it is not enough to choose the cheapest one or with the best fragrance, but rather, the perfume is a strong allergenic agent and that could be the cause. The ideal is to rely on light surfactants and avoid SLS and SLES, which produce too much foam and give the sensation of deep washing the hair but which, in many cases, cause itching and sensitivity of the skin. Organic shampoos could be for you, because they don't contain them and at the same time they are rich in calming ingredients present in good quantities and not just as mere advertising. Chamomile, lavender, aloe vera, tea tree, rosemary and sage are just a few of them that can really change your hair by simply changing your shampoo.


Conditioner without silicones for thin and not very voluminous hair

If your concern is to have fine and not very voluminous hair, also in this case a key role is played by the products with which you wash your hair. It is not true that the conditioner should not be used, because it disciplines, hydrates and helps to keep the hair soft, you just need to choose the right cosmetics. In fact, it is better, both for the latter and for the shampoo, to avoid products that are too heavy and rich in oils or butters but to rely on moisturizing products that are light and, above all, do not contain silicones. Leaving aside the eco-friendly issue, non-volatile silicones create a film around the hair that makes it smoother, more disciplined and silky, but on thin or sparse hair it does not help to give volume but rather, to make it lose more.


The heat protection spray, a real "hair saver"

If you usually make creases with a brush and hairdryer or use hair irons and straighteners, the heat protector is an indispensable product that cannot be missing in your haircare routine. In reality, sprays and heat protection products should always be used because, as the name suggests, they help protect from the heat of any hot instrument, even a simple diffuser or hairdryer. They protect from heat up to 230 ° and exist with various textures: the most common are those sprays, thin and which do not weigh down the hair, but also exist in the form of milk or cream, ideal for those with frizzy or dry hair. to hydrate and discipline at the same time.

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