The head of the insult because mother: compensated

The head of the insult because mother: compensated

"I was hoping I was sterile," said her manager, who was rightly condemned

Italian law protects motherhood, but employers often forget or care nothing about it. And this thing makes a great rage, even more so when these "irresponsible" perpetrators are women themselves. This is what happened in Florence. A saleswoman, not with little effort, finally managed to fulfill her dream by becoming pregnant at 40 years. As usual, he asked the manager of the shop where the normal leave to work was working. And so far so normal.

But when she returned to work, chaos broke out. The owner, who in the meantime had hired a new girl and didn't want to know more about her, started to treat her badly. First he "suggests" not to return to work, then he denies her part-time work. On June 16th, the highlight: the new mother had to go to work at 3.30 pm but an unexpectedly normal event occurred for those with small children. The baby is covered with red spots and the mother takes her to the hospital for tests. In the meantime, call the owner to notify her.

He calls her while in the car and uses the speakerphone, so the conversation is heard by the woman's sister, who is with her. The boss bursts out: "Because of you and your children I had to hire another person, if you don't come to work at 3.30 pm I'll kick your ass, I broke ic … you and your children and I don't care a c… if your daughter is ill get a fucking baby sitter, sell the car if you can't pay it, you have to go back to work and be careful because this is the last warning I give you ”.

After the medical examination, the woman calls back to say that she will be at work, but asks for explanations about the previous call. The tremendous answer is this: "With your attitude as a mother you offend me, you have broken with this disease, remember that I have money, knowledge and power to ruin you, I don't eat thanks to the point of sale and I can pull money out to fuck your ass in two . Forget the part time you asked for, you have to get the c … to work because you're a super mom and you wanted kids … we'll see how hard you are; I hired you hoping I was sterile and it's only thanks to the therapies that you pulled me in c … ".

At this point the mother decides to go through legal channels. And here another unpleasant surprise: the first instance judge considers this only "an unpleasant interview" condemns the order to pay the legal fees. But fortunately the Court of Appeal is of a different opinion and has condemned the director to compensate the order with 10 thousand euros, since it is mobbing. Justice has been done, at least this time.

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