The hoax chasing the virus

The hoax chasing the virus

Asphyxiating masks and killer tampons, infectious tests and garlic for vaccines. The buffalo fantasy is great. This is fake news, but some believe it.

"The virus is sensitive to alcohol, so if I drink alcohol I don't get sick with Covid-19."

It sounds like a joke, but this funny statement is shot on the Net and someone believed it. Too bad it's not true, otherwise the bars would be full and the hospitals empty.

Hoaxes – or fake news – have always existed, but today they multiply exponentially, like viruses. And the coronavirus in recent months has generated a sea of ​​fake news.

Many are related to testing, which right now is one of the best weapons to isolate outbreaks and close the roads to the virus.

Fake news about Covid-19 tests

False news spread quickly that the swab damages the brain's blood brain barrier, leading to brain infections and permanent damage. But to reach this barrier that protects the brain, the tampon inserted into the nose would have to be able to pass through multiple layers of tissue and pierce through bones and blood vessels. Among the conspiracy theories is the one according to which the swab is a way to inoculate a virus that over time will cause cancer. The goal of the "world powers" is to obtain a "depopulation" that is the reduction of the people on a planet that can no longer take it. This is the reason why the first to die are the elderly.

The urban legend that runs as a question on social networks is also very widespread: "Did it happen to you too to receive the letter with a positive result from the Covid test even if you did not swab?" "No, but my cousin told me it happened to a friend of hers." And so the Sant'Antonio chain travels faster than ANSA news and, discrediting the seriousness of those who take the tests, decreases trust in science and health facilities, and increases fear.

One might wonder who benefits, but often the buffaloes have a life of their own, like that of 25 years ago that told of those who, after a night of love, found written with lipstick on the mirror "Welcome to the world of AIDS" .

Imaginative self-diagnosis

Regarding the exams, which as we know never end, there are very imaginative Covid tests. It seems that some Taiwanese researchers suggest taking a deep breath and holding the air for more than 10 seconds. If you can do it without coughing, without discomfort and a sense of oppression, it means that there is no fibrosis in the lungs and therefore there is no infection. If it were that easy, we could test ourselves anywhere, but especially at the beach or in the pool. There are other such suggestions, but self-diagnosis cannot be done today.

Pregnancy-like self-tests have been announced and it looks like they could be coming soon. At the moment there is a portable kit – approved by the Food and Drug Administration, the American drug agency – which contains the buffer, the reagents and a card that in 15 minutes indicates if you are positive. The fact remains that getting a tampon yourself is not a good idea. However, these kits, which are also inexpensive, can be easily managed in doctors' offices and in companies, schools, gyms and other meeting places with the help of specialized health professionals who guarantee the correct execution of the sampling.

The page on the hoaxes of the Ministry of Health

The fake news about Covid-19 is so widespread and so dangerous that the Ministry of Health has published a page dedicated to hoaxes on its website.

The fake news dismantled at the moment are 76. We mention a few.

The use of masks causes carbon dioxide intoxication and / or oxygen deficiency.

There is no evidence that prolonged use of masks can cause CO2 intoxication or oxygen deficiency.

On the use of the mask in children, the Italian Society of Pediatrics also specified that "the amount of their carbon dioxide breathed by a healthy child wearing the surgical mask is almost imperceptible" and does not cause oxygen deficiency.

Eating garlic can help prevent new coronavirus infection.

Garlic has antimicrobial properties but there is no evidence of preventive action against the new coronavirus. However (editor's note) garlic helps to maintain a safety distance of at least one meter.

Drinking methanol or ethanol protects against infection.

Methanol and ethanol are poisonous and can cause serious damage to the body. They are used in some cleaning products to eliminate the virus from surfaces, but should not be ingested.

The new coronavirus can be transmitted through mosquito bites.

Mosquitoes are not able to transmit the virus because the Sars-Cov-2 inside them "is not able to replicate" and therefore the mosquito cannot inoculate it. Even flies and ticks are not vehicles for the virus.

You can get infected with the new coronavirus by drinking tap water.

Tap water is safe. Purification practices are effective in killing viruses.

Covid-19 spreads through breath and saliva droplets, so there is no need to disinfect objects and surfaces

Droplets (secretions emitted with the breath) can deposit on objects or surfaces. If we touch them and then touch our mouth, nose or eyes, we can get infected indirectly. For this reason it is important, in addition to washing your hands often, to clean and disinfect the most exposed surfaces, especially those touched by several people such as handles and handrails.

In short, today we must defend ourselves from the coronavirus, but also from the hoaxes that concern it. For the buffaloes, however, there is no mask that holds and there will never be a better vaccine than good information and common sense of each.

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