The husband consoles the Bailiff after the controversy over Sanremo: flowers on live TV

The husband consoles the Bailiff after the controversy over Sanremo: flowers on live TV

After the controversy over Sanremo, Caterina Balivo received her husband's live broadcast from Detto Fatto dei Fiori

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After the controversy surrounding the tweet on Sanremo, Caterina Balivo was consoled by her husband. Guido Maria Brera has in fact decided to send her some flowers, which the presenter has received live from Detto Fatto.

The surprise began when Giovanni Ciacci broke into the studio bringing flowers on the notes of "A te" by Jovanotti. "Cherie, who sent you the flowers asked me to read the letter publicly," explained the stylist, handing the bouquet to Caterina Balivo, who visibly surprised accepted the gift and read the ticket.

"You didn't know how to be born crazy, to open the clods, it could unleash a storm. In Sanremo the flowers are missing, your Guido "read the presenter, melting in tears before the verses of" I was born on the 21st of spring "by Alda Merini.

It all started when Caterina Balivo had commented on Diletta Leotta's look at the Sanremo Festival on Twitter: "You can't talk about the violation of privacy with that dress and with the hand that tries to widen the slit of the skirt" the Balivo wrote.

Shortly after the presenter had apologized. "Here at Detto Fatto we talk about women – Caterina Balivo had said directly to Detto Fatto – the protagonists are you from home, in these years we have tried to enhance you and I am sorry to see aggressive tweets, but the mistake was mine. If I have offended anyone, mea culpa. The intent – the presenter had concluded – was to comment on an attitude, I am very sorry, but for a reason: because if there is one who here in transmission tries to pump women, it's me, who grew up with four females at home . I'm so sorry".

"I am nobody to judge an attitude of another woman – the Balivo concluded -. I'm so sorry. Case closed ”.

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