The hyenas, Michela and the right to imperfection: thus he silenced the haters

Michela Giraud arrives at ‘Le Iene’ and gives viewers her antidote to the wickedness of haters

The idea of ​​alternating ten conductors to conduct Le Iene to replace Alessia Marcuzzi proved to be particularly successful. The women from different spheres of the world of entertainment and sport, who decided to test themselves alongside Nicola Savino, brought their sympathy, their charisma and their values ​​and, this, the public liked. And, this time, it was Michela Giraud’s turn.

Michela Giraud, the speech against the haters

Successful comedian, Michela Giraud joined Nicola Savino in the conduct of Le Iene to give the public a special evening. She certainly does not lack the irony to face the show, and she shows it from the first minute of the episode. His sympathy, contagious cheerfulness are the masters and immediately he manages to feel perfectly at ease.

Michela Giraud, as already happened to Madame, Paola Egonu, Rocio Munoz Morales, Elodie and Elisabetta Canalis, wanted to highlight one of the issues she cares about most: the right to be oneself, to like oneself and not to like oneself. without having to receive the sharp judgment of other people. In particular, she lashed out at the haters who, several times, on social media offending famous people and not.

But how much am I loved? – began Michela – Especially on social media. They write me some beautiful things: you are fat, you are vulgar, you are fat and vulgar, you make comedy for housewives. My boyfriend tells me: “Don’t worry about it, these people don’t deserve your time”. And he is right. But I feel bad. I don’t want to read those things, but I can’t resist. Rosico.

Michela Giraud and the right not to be perfect

Free malice, especially that expressed in words on social media, can hurt even the apparently strongest and most ironic people. Giraud, after searching for a witty answer for so long, has found a way to silence the haters in the most unthinkable way:

I found my solution in one of these comments. When they wrote to me ‘you suck’ and I thought, “Even if it was? So what? “. And I put a nice like on that comment. One of the most liberating things that has ever happened to me in my life. […] In an age where we all want to be better and we are all prisoners of the gaze of others, it is a revolutionary act. Because sucking is a right, and it is a right that I proudly claim, exulting.

To the haters, who want to hurt with words, she gives a resounding thanks, showing off her most beautiful smile. And it is in that thanks and in the freedom of not being perfect for others, that Michela Giraud found the antidote to the wickedness of web users and beyond.

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