The hyenas, the jokes to Francesco Oppini and Emma Marrone

Alba Parietti

Emma Marrone and Francesco Oppini were both victims of a joke from Le Iene

The appointment with Le Iene, the investigative show of Italy 1 is renewed. Among the many interesting and curious services, this new episode of the show gave us two very funny jokes, which saw Emma Marrone and Francesco Oppini as victims.

The former competitor of the GF Vip, experienced really difficult moments just before entering the most spied on house in Italy, due to the joke organized with the complicity of mother Alba Parietti and his girlfriend Cristina Tomasini. While the sports commentator was packing his suitcase to participate in the reality show, his mother announced that she wanted to have a serious relationship with a 29-year-old boy named Sonny. After a dinner together, Oppini realized that the young man had a rather particular attitude, and this made him suspicious.

Back home he blurted out against Parietti: “Don't let me see him here again, eh! Only wear it when I leave ”. The following day, Francesco also had some for his mother's very young "boyfriend", literally kicking him out of a pool party (at Alba's house) that the boy had organized with his friends. Finally, he launched an ultimatum: "So let's do a nice thing, you do what you want, but if something happens, don't come and break my bitches."

Before Francesco Oppini left for the GF Vip, Sonny returned to the office by showing up at his dealership and blackmailing him: "You can get rid of me with 20 thousand euros". Only when he was really about to break out and make a scene against his mother again, The Hyenas finally revealed the truth. And with a sigh of relief, Alba's son revealed that this boy was certainly not the worst party from Parietti's home.

Emma Marrone, fresh from a wonderful experience as a coach at X Factor, was instead the protagonist of a curtain that aroused the hilarity of her fans. Complice of Le Iene, for the occasion, is Blind: the young artist – born Franco Rujan – took part in the latest edition of the Sky Uno talent show and was part of Emma Marrone's team, with whom he made a beautiful bond. A friendship that gives hope for future collaborations, but for some it could hide much more.

In the course of the joke concocted by Le Iene, in fact, Blind phoned Emma and revealed that a photo of them together caused a sensation. It is a simple shot that portrays them embraced, while he gives his coach a kiss on the neck: the most attentive will remember it, it is the photo they published on the day of the X Factor final. During the phone call, Blind explained that his record company advised him to ride the wave and fake a flirt with Emma: "In my opinion, we'd better be happy if this news gets around, so we end up on the cover. I'm a nice guy anyway ”- said the singer.

Marrone's reaction was immediate and she got angry: “But this is not a record company! Besides, I could be your mother, I'm twice your age ”. And in front of Blind's insistence, she got even more excited: "What are you saying? You're also offending me, honestly ”. When the boy admitted that he had made a joke on her, the artist revealed that she was really upset: "I swear to you, I have to sit down because my legs are shaking."

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