The importance of nursery rhymes

The importance of nursery rhymes

The importance of nursery rhymes, such as those of Gianni Rodari, in the process of developing imagination and creativity.

The importance of nursery rhymes in the process of developing imagination and creativity.

Why the nursery rhyme is important

Nursery rhymes are often taught at Kindergarten and Primary School as they allow you to develop learning and expression skills through play and storytelling.

"All children learn through nursery rhymes: they learn the days of the week, the months of the year, the multiplication tables" explains Professor Stella. "The nursery rhyme has an important value in the learning process of children as it constitutes a language game which, at the same time, contains fundamental information for development".

The nursery rhymes of Gianni Rodari

Gianni Rodari, writer, journalist and poet, is undoubtedly a point of reference in children's literature. "Through his nursery rhymes, Gianni Rodari taught creativity, he taught that learning is fun". In his poems, Gianni Rodari has in fact highlighted the importance of fantasy and imagination for children, also favoring their creativity.

On Redooc you will find many poems by Gianni Rodari for Kindergarten and Primary School: his Carnival nursery rhymes, for example, are perfect for enjoying the atmosphere of the approaching party to the fullest.

Nursery rhymes and learning difficulties

The mnemonic learning of nursery rhymes often represents an obstacle for students with SLD. However, there are ways that can help children with learning disabilities. For example, it is possible to teach nursery rhymes (and the same applies to multiplication tables) through the association: the student associates an element, an object or a personal experience with the abstract concept. In this way, memory finds a concrete foothold that makes learning possible.

Not everyone has the same way of learning, but the goal is to ensure that everyone finds the one that suits them best, using all the tools available such as mind maps, Text to Speech, or speech synthesis, choice of reading font.

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