The infallible method to make dreams come true!

The infallible method to make dreams come true!

Finally Igor Sibaldi reveals the "101 wishes method" that will make our every wish come true and will completely change our life forever

If they told you that there is an infallible and cost-free method to make your dreams come true, would you try it? This is what the famous Italian theologian and writer Igor Sibaldi offers us with the "101 wishes method". It is a simple technique without contraindications, but with amazing results. Let's see what it consists of.

First you need to get two notebooks. On the first we will have to write 150 different, short and precise wishes, which we can cancel, modify or replace until we are satisfied with the result.

These wishes must follow specific rules:

1. Always start with "I want"

2. Avoid using the word "not"

3. There must be desires whose realization is verifiable

4. You don't have to ask for money, but directly what you would like to get with it!

5. Don't ask for others

6. Don't make comparisons with other people

7. Do not express serial wishes

8. Avoid the diminutives

9. Each wish must be 14 words maximum

10. Don't ask for sex or love affairs with specific people

The only important thing is that every wish is sincerely wanted.

When we are satisfied with our list, we will copy in the other notebook, 101 wishes, the ones that we are most interested in realizing at the moment. They will be written with empty lines between one and the other, we will fill with new desires once those already written are fulfilled. Every day, for a year, you will have to read the entire notebook. And so little by little the desires will begin to come true!

The principle on which this method is based is the expansion of consciousness, which allows us to see and grasp the possibilities that arise on our path. It teaches us to have the courage to desire and dream, as we did as children, to focus on what we really want and not on the obstacles that we can meet in life.

And even the desires that will not be fulfilled bring with them an important teaching: they show us where our unconscious blocks are, our resistances, fears, the shadow areas of our consciousness that are just waiting to be enlightened.

After a year, take the notebooks and burn them. This small ritual can sometimes, on its own, dissolve some of the blocks that have remained tenaciously anchored to our soul until then.

Well, what are you waiting to make your most beautiful dreams come true?

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