The ingenious method to perfume the bathroom without chemicals or candles

Do you want to perfume the bathroom with a unique method? It is so practical, fast and inexpensive that you will not even notice a perfumer: the toilet will give off your favorite smell!

Learning to take care of the house is not just about struggling, but becoming smart! Small gestures can revolutionize the environments in which you live your life every day through daily perceptions. Do you know how important thesmell to maintain a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere? It is the first sense that is conditioned by the surrounding area, and that is what precedes and conditions consequently, all the others.

ingenious method to perfume

source: Canva and Che Donna

Between rooms more smelly we can only say that the bathroom and the kitchen are the worst ones. Because it is the actions performed within the latter that determine the odors.

The target it is not only to thoroughly sanitize, but also to sprinkle areas that do not emit pleasant smells with pleasant fragrances. Of course, we are neither instructing you to buy expensive products, nor to move furniture or revolutionize your home.

A small gesture it can truly revolutionize the way you look after your favorite environments. Specifically, you can make the bathroom scented without having to put junk between your feet.

Method to perfume the bathroom in an impeccable way!

Exactly, how many times have you been annoyed by the presence of frippery between the feet? It may seem absurd to you, but it may even have scattered objects here and there it can aggravate the perception of the smell or not of a certain room. It seems that having scattered objects and a bad smell is among the biggest dilemmas in the house! The bathroom is where you take care of your hygiene, so the stench you get rid of… will go somewhere and will have to be removed too!

foolproof method to perfume bathroom

source: Canva

Beyond of irony, the bathroom is the place where you most smell They “mix” and consolidate between them, and this happens for several reasons. First of all, because it is in the bathroom that you take care of your daily cleaning and hygiene of all types. From the shower, to the simple gesture of washing your face, to completing the manicure.

In short, they are all actions that inevitably lead to smells and stinks, not to mention when you are sitting in your throne as a Queen! So these situations, join the vapors from the shower that cause humidity, it’s like creating a toxic cloud made of a potpourri of stuff.

Also perfumes very expensive if sprayed inside the room, or immediately after taking a shower, and so on, they cause the accumulation of the stale fragrance that impregnates the walls. That’s where the biggest stink comes from!

So, if you want to solve this problem of bad smells in the bathroom you will have to take two steps to make it 100% effective ingenious makeup that we are about to propose to you. First of all, daily open the windows of the house, of any room. Having airy and fresh environments is the first step to eliminate bad smells.

However, these extend over the walls and furniture of the house, so an excellent advice for the bathroom is to also clean the walls with a solution of water and vinegar. You know it also avoids the consolidation of molds? These also cause bad smells!

So, after having performed these gestures you just have to take essential oil that you like the most and you will have to put some drops in strategic points. You can put them in the towels, but there is a foolproof point that no one knows.

The perfect trick is as follows: apply the essential oil you like most in the roll of the toilet paper, it’s a brilliant way to perfume the bathroom, even when it shouldn’t! That way, you won’t have anything scattered around the house to bother you, and your guests won’t understand where the good smell comes from, but they’ll compliment you.