The ingenious trick to dry your clothes in 15 minutes: goodbye endless waiting!

It really takes a trick to dry your clothes in no time, because with this you know how many things you would solve? First, you would have more time for yourself!

Washing and drying clothes is one of the activities that definitely tire, bore and waste absolutely more time. There are those who find there a source of relaxation, but for many it has to do with something that really can be a problem. Also because the daily activities there are many and being able to make ends meet is not that simple. The trick for dry clothes we will quickly recommend it to you, here’s how.

here is the trick to dry clothes quickly

source: Canva Che Donna

First of all, do not think that we will fool you by telling you “click the on button of the dryer”, because here we want to offer you something economical, eco-sustainable and effective!

We’re not even telling you to turn on the hair dryer to get it all done quickly – you know how much energy it is current you would waste if I did it for each garment? The method we are proposing to you is something that only a few know, also because you will not need sockets with its electrical appliances, nor any object of who knows what cost.

You will have to take something you have in the house and that you use for other activities. So, they are not something cheap, it is also really a zero euro, because you will have to reuse something you already own.

The beauty of the green lifestyle it is precisely this, to discover how many infinite uses and functionalities can have even the most trivial object, just like the one we are about to show you.

Trick for drying clothes, here’s how

Returning to us, become gods skilled organizers of one’s resources is essential, especially when these also come from Mother Nature. Meanwhile, combined with the object of the foolproof technique of the day we are about to present and explain to you, it will have to act together with the influence of source of life most powerful and greatest there is: the sun!

here's how to do this trick for drying clothes

source: Canva

Make sure the day you decided to play the drying technique in the blink of an eye your clothes, be sunny. This does not mean that this trick has limits, because to tell the truth you can do it even when there is no sun, but certainly its presence strengthens and speeds up the process.

You will simply have to take atowel! Make sure this is wider than the clothes you are going to lay on top, because the technique is called: flat surface method!

You take this towel and put it on the aforementioned surface, then you put a shirt in it, and spread it out well making sure it does not come out of the towel. Once that is done, you will literally have to roll up like a roulade the cloth with its contents, and squeeze it as much as possible!

It will seem little, but you will get rid of all excess water that despite the spin cycle of the washing machine is still present in your clothes. If you have to do this with smaller items, such as socks, underwear and so on, you can also put them all together. In this way the action of eliminating the water will still be effective!

After that, you just need to put the garments in the sun spreading them out for good, et voilĂ  in 15 minutes your clothes will be fresh and dry! If there is no sun, spread them inside the house not outside, taking advantage of the internal heat, in this way no clothes will remain wet.