The ingenious trick to wear 3 ‘waterfall’ effect necklaces without tying them!

Do you want to wear the waterfall effect necklaces but every time you do they are tied together? Here comes the ingenious trick to wear them whenever you want without them tangling together! Here is the CheDonna style guide that will show you how!

Social media speak for themselves, and they say that the hottest accessory trend for fall 2022 is to wear waterfall effect necklaces! But there is only one problem: they always get tangled up with each other! Here is the license plate style guide CheWoman who will explain how to wear them in the best looks and the trick to wear them without problems!

Cascade effect necklaces

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From model Bella Hadid to Hailey Bieber, from Giulia De Lellis to Chiara Ferragni, all the most influential personalities in fashion wear this trend in terms of accessories: land waterfall effect necklaces!

Specifically, the trend consists inwear more necklacesgenerally three, of different lengths, so that these adorn our neck with a (literally) “waterfall” effect.

Generally you wear the choker model as before, then a simple necklace with a pendant, and a more moon and with a particular link, for example a chain.

You can wear them in more casual looks or even in the most elegant ones. Generally it is preferable to wear them either on a turtleneck sweater, or on an important neckline. In this way the shine of the necklaces will stand out and we will have a brighter face.

So far everything simple, until it comes time to wear them! After a few minutes we see each other in the mirror and we notice that our necklaces are tangled together and we can’t do anything to untie them! A real disaster!

From today everything will change, because we are about to find out a simple and ingenious trick to wear the waterfall effect necklaces whenever we want without tripping over this problem! Are you ready? Let’s begin!

Cascade effect necklaces: the simplest trick to wear them is this!

Before discovering the trick to wear them, let’s try to understand how to choose the waterfall effect necklaces! There are two rules: choose them of the same color, or all silver or all gold, and choose three different types, a simple short one, one with a pendant and a longer and particular one, for example a chain. By doing so we will have chosen the trendiest accessories of the moment!

Cascade effect necklaces

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Here’s how to wear waterfall necklaces without them getting tangled step by step:

  • we choose the necklaces to wear and let’s start with the shorter one
  • we take one end of the shorter necklace and let’s tie it up with the carabiner to the second necklace that we will wear in order
  • once you have tied the two ends, continue tying the free end of the second necklace to the third
  • at this point you will have a very long lace made up of your three necklaces tied together
  • rolled up the string of necklaces around your neck by choosing the measurements and tied the two free ends, which if you have followed the instructions well, must belong one to the short necklace and one to the longer necklace.
  • Once connected you can tidy up the lengths of the necklaces to your liking, without the risk of them getting tangled together!
  • By the way, denim jacket, don’t take it off with the change of season! We reveal a secret!

    Cascade effect necklaces

    Photo from Pinterest

    The license plate style guide ends here CheWoman who saw how to best wear waterfall effect necklaces!

    See you at the next style guide, so as not to miss the latest news from the world of fashion!

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