The Invalsi 2021 trials

The Invalsi 2021 trials

All about the Invalsi 2021 tests. What are the provisions for students with SLD?

The Invalsi 2021 tests. Everything about the Invalsi 2021 tests: dates, development, objectives and skills. What are the arrangements for students with SLD?

The Invalsi Trials 2021

Also this year the INVALSI National Tests (National Institute for the Evaluation of the Educational Education and Training System) will take place for all students of classes II and V of Primary School, III of Lower Secondary School and II and V of the Second Grade Secondary School.

The Invalsi tests aim to assess the learning levels of the fundamental skills of disciplines such as Italian, Mathematics and English. The Invalsi tests are not limited to examining knowledge but also skills and therefore require reasoning and problem solving skills.

Competences assessed by INVALSI tests

The Invalsi tests will cover the disciplines of Italian, Mathematics and English.

For Italian, the Invalsi tests test lexical and text comprehension skills, as well as the use of the language.

The Invalsi tests of Mathematics will instead focus on different areas, including numbers, relations and functions, data and predictions, space and figures and proportionality. The questions will be formulated in the form of multiple choice questions or open questions.

The Invalsi English tests will instead test listening and reading skills.

For the Primary School classes, the INVALSI tests will be administered in paper form while for the First and Second Grade Secondary School classes the tests will be computer based (CBT).

To prepare for the Invalsi Tests, the Redooc platform offers free lessons with texts and guides for solving the Invalsi Tests of Italian, Mathematics and English of the past years. Students will be able to practice the simulations in paper form but they will also be able to carry out the interactive exercises directly on the platform. On the platform there are more than 85,000 interactive exercises complete with explanations, of different types, which follow the style of the questions available in the Invalsi tests and which stimulate problem solving: open questions, closed questions, true / false.

Invalsi tests and students with SLD

The Legislative Decree 62/2017 provides for personalized procedures for students with certified SLD or other certified disabilities. In particular, the use of adequate compensatory instruments is envisaged. Students with SLD will therefore be able to use the calculator and dictionary, the text reader and extra time (up to 15 minutes more for each test).

Furthermore, if provided for by the Individualized Educational Plan (IEP), exemptions from one or more Invalsi tests or exemptions from the English test are envisaged.

The 2021 Invalsi Trials calendar

The Invalsi tests will begin in March for the V class of the Second Grade Secondary Schools and will continue in April for the III class of the First Grade Secondary Schools. Finally, in May it will be the turn of the Primary School classes and the second class of the Second Grade Secondary Schools.

Discover the complete calendar and dates of the Invalsi Trials.

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