The Italian podcasts not to be missed

The Italian podcasts not to be missed

Discover the best Italian podcasts to listen to for fun, information or for your personal growth: mark these titles now

It is the media phenomenon of the moment and in Italy it is gaining ground not only among the very young, but also among adults; you can listen to it while on the go, during a workout or a walk: we are talking about the podcast. In this article we will not only explain what it is and what works, but we will recommend the best podcasts to listen to on Spotify. Two years ago, in 2019, the music streaming giant, better known as Spotify, acquired Gimlet Media, the largest podcast company in the world. And it is precisely this acquisition that testifies to the widespread diffusion of this new trend.

Even in Italy this phenomenon is growing dramatically and podcast listeners have gone from 85,000 in 2015 to 2.7 million in 2018: an exorbitant and ever-growing number. Those who do not listen to podcasts, more generally, are precisely those people who are not aware of the service or who have different interests and providing an explanation of this phenomenon is too often difficult. However, there are also those who do not have the right tools to listen to a podcast on Spotify such as, for example, a smartphone or a tablet: we are talking about very old people.


  • What is a podcast?
  • How to download a podcast
  • The best personal growth podcasts
  • The best podcasts of technology and innovation
  • The best comic podcasts
  • The best news podcasts

What is a podcast?

From a purely technical point of view, a podcast is simply an audio program of a serial nature that you download from the Internet on your device, through specific platforms. In reality this is not too recent a phenomenon, on the contrary, it dates back to the early 2000s, just when the simplicity of access to audio recording and distribution technologies gave life to a completely innovative and free downloadable format.

The podcast has a well-defined structural form: it is made up of several episodes in free form and the subject matter is specified, without particular rules regarding the duration. You can choose to pause it whenever you want and restart it, as well as start listening to it starting from a certain minute of the recording. The choice will always be yours alone. On the internet and more specifically on Spotify, there are podcasts of any kind and for all tastes and interests: cultural, motivational, fun, passionate about a specific theme, in language. The horizon of this phenomenon is almost boundless, given the ease with which it can be accessed with the aid of electronic devices.

How to download a podcast

As you may have found, downloading a podcast is a very simple operation: all you need is a smartphone, tablet or iPad and you're done. If you want to listen to your podcast quietly, we recommend that you do it with a nice pair of headphones. We also remind you that podcasts are completely free, no subscription or subscription is required. In addition, for each podcast you can see all the available episodes and start listening to them in the order you prefer; the new episodes will be downloaded automatically: you can choose to play any audio at any time.

The best personal growth podcasts

In a world where technology is making great strides and we all find ourselves several times a day in front of the screen of a tablet or smartphone with an infinite amount of audio and video content, it is impossible not to "stumble" on a podcast, even it was just by chance. If you are someone who is constantly looking for motivation, we recommend some personal growth podcasts that you can listen to on Spotify: Fiona Cakall Talks, Be My Diary and Il Mordente. The first podcast you can listen to on Spotify and it lasts an average of 30 minutes. Fjona was born with the idea of ​​telling life stories of ordinary women, who have reinvented themselves to make every dream come true and have often succeeded, despite predictions: we are talking about influencers, writers, but also photographers and managers.

Their stories are very interesting and a great inspiration for those who want to focus and work on their career. We hope these real life podcasts will inspire you and be a spur for your future. Every morning, in his 25-minute podcast, Rick DuFer tackles a different topic of human nature, philosophy or more simply able to make people think with interesting insights. They are very smooth and perfect for stimulating the mind and working on your future goals. We can define these podcasts as a daily pill on various topics. When to listen to them? On the way from home to work.

Il Mordente is Riccardo Palombo's personal podcast: for several years now he has been reviewing technology products and producing contents of various kinds for the Web. Palombo inserts weekly episodes that deal with the most disparate topics and therefore from literature to technology, up to real and own reflections on the person. They are very versatile podcasts and therefore adapt perfectly to every day: do not miss these life pills for anything in the world!

The best podcasts of technology and innovation

An enterprising and curious person like you, certainly cannot miss the best podcasts of technology and innovation. First, do not miss Scientificast, a real institution on Spotify and not only that since 2007 has registered a large number of listeners. The Scientificast team will keep you updated on all the latest news in science and technology, with interviews with the most famous researchers and jokes that just don't laugh. And it doesn't really matter if you're not an insider, keeping up with the latest scientific news is very important.

Instead, the Radio24 podcasts last 1 hour and are dedicated to technology and science news with the conduct of Enrico Pagliarini. And also from Radio24 there is Maurizio Melis, who presents Smart City, where every day a technology is presented and told by the employees themselves. These podcasts are perfectly suited to those who are very hungry for knowledge: you must never stop learning.

The best comic podcasts

For a moment of relaxation after work, you can choose to listen to a comic and variety podcast – here you will find the best! Let's start with perhaps one of the newest of the moment, Wild Moss. It is produced by the well-known singer Fedez and the youtuber Luis and is in its infancy, but the success achieved in a short time is already remarkable: it is talked about a lot, perhaps for the celebrities of the two characters involved. It is definitely worth starting to listen to the first episode and enjoy a moment of relaxation. PowerPizza is an Italian podcast present on Spotify and with all the credentials to be considered not too original: every week, three friends meet to review products of various kinds, belonging to nerd and pop culture.

However, it is a very funny and curious production, not boring at all. It's perfect for those looking for the latest in entertainment, video games, movies and TV series. And if you really want to “laugh out loud”, you can listen to the Streghe podcast, edited by Gea Petrini, blogger and journalist. Comically tells the world of women, habits, trends and daily businesses they face. All this with a fun and pleasant language and, of course, in an ironic key.

The best news podcasts

We now reveal to you which are the most beautiful Italian topical podcasts and that you can listen to on Spotify. Among the most famous we have Le mani sul mondo, by Saviano, who tells about the mafia according to his own personal experiences. Listening to it, episode after episode, you will discover who are all those people who sacrificed their lives to fight this terrible plague: a complete vision to fully understand a drama that involves the whole world. Quasidì is a podcast that arises from the collaboration between Ilenia Zodiaco and Valentina Tomi and, during each half-hour episode, the two women tell a different and specific theme linked to current events in our country. For example, we talk about the famous tampon tax, but also about the meaning of some terms that are now very fashionable in recent years.

The podcast uses a very simple and accessible language, but at the same time competent. Matteo's Raw Week is also interesting and current, a 24-year-old young man who has chosen to create a project that unites the new generation with political information. Matteo deals with issues related to the economy, politics and society, exploiting the potential of a comic and captivating language. Finally, we recommend Start, the podcast that Il Sole 24 ore relies on.

This is made available to users and follows the format of the press review: a 6-minute episode is then launched every day in which three main news items of public interest are dealt with. You can listen to politics and much more, then deepen the themes most suited to you, and always keep yourself updated on our society. Everything is presented in a very simple language, perfect for any age group and can be used on Spotify, Apple Podcast and Google Podcast. All you need is a smartphone or tablet.

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