The legend of Dido and geometry

The legend of Dido and geometry

Learning geometry while having fun is possible thanks to the legend of Dido, perfect for children to discover this subject

Who said that geometry must necessarily be boring and that to understand it you need to spend hours on books? Raise your hand the parent who, faced with circles, squares, hypotenuses and areas, did not find himself in difficulty, trying hard to illustrate to his children concepts that in reality can be very simple.

Such as? Explaining them through play, with a method that allows children and young people to learn while having fun. For example, the difference between the circumference and the circle can be easily discovered thanks to a legend, that of Dido.

Dido was a beautiful Phoenician princess who was forced to abandon Tire, her city, when her brother Pygmalion betrayed her, killing her husband and stealing her kingdom. The Sovereign ran away, but decided not to give up, especially because she had math on her side and was very clever. After having sailed for a long time, he landed in the kingdom of King Iarba, on the Libyan coasts, and asked him for a piece of land in which to found his new city. The powerful King agreed, but, believing he was misleading her, he offered her a pact: he would give her as much land as she could manage to contain an ox skin. Using his cunning Didone cut the skin into small thin strips which he tied together to form a very long rope. To enclose most of the land, the Princess created a semicircle with the rope, founding the city of Carthage.

This legend (here you can find the complete video), simple and fascinating, is the perfect way to allow kids to get interested in geometry, discovering it in a fun way and without forcing. Who said that science must be boring? Thanks to the imagination also geometry and mathematics become available to everyone.

Reedoc is convinced of this, the portal dedicated to mathematics for Primary School and Middle School, which aims to teach kids while having fun. The portal, accessible from computers, tablets and smartphones, boasts continuously expanding contents in line with the Ministerial Guidelines, using the game as a tool for learning.

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