The lemon diet: lose weight and deflate in a week

The lemon diet: lose weight and deflate in a week

Do you dream of getting back in shape in a short time? Try the lemon diet: it helps you lose weight and fights cellulite

With the lemon diet you deflate and lose weight in just one week, finding your lost fitness.

Does getting back into shape before summer seem like an impossible feat? A valid help comes from lemon, a fruit rich in beneficial properties, which performs a detox action on our body. Not only does it lessen the sense of hunger and make us feel fuller earlier and longer, but it is also excellent for fighting water retention and cellulite, improving blood circulation and detoxifying us. Lemon is therefore the ideal way to purify our body, reactivate the metabolism and regenerate it in view of the dreaded costume test.

The lemon diet is very simple to follow and effective, as always, however, before starting it, it is better to consult your doctor to understand if it is the best food choice. How does it work? Basically lemons are consumed throughout the week, especially in the form of lemonade. The day always starts with a nice glass of hot water with a squeezed lemon and a splash of cayenne pepper.

For breakfast, you can consume oat flakes with a low-fat white yogurt, accompanied by a few rusks with jam or honey. As a snack, always consume lemon juice, sweetened by a few tablespoons of maple juice. For lunch, focus on protein, savoring grilled chicken or smoked salmon, accompanied by a nice green salad, tomatoes or grilled vegetables.

Season all the dishes with a generous dose of lemon juice, limiting the salt and adding spices and chilli pepper. Dine with a nice omelette accompanied by wholemeal bread or with a legume soup, closing the meal with a chopped mango or an apple, rich in antioxidant properties. And the snacks? Bet on dried fruit (almonds, peanuts and walnuts), on green tea, which improves metabolism, and on lemon.

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