The Levante looks at XFactor's lives: gipsy but not only

The Levante looks at XFactor's lives: gipsy but not only

The singer Claudia Lagona dresses in each episode with a cooler look: let's see some

Levante is the new judge of the Italian edition of XFactor of this year: Sicilian and with very Mediterranean traits, for each episode it shows different looks. From make-up, to hairstyle, to outfit, in my opinion it doesn't miss (almost) a blow.

Premise: to me Levante, from the point of view of style choices (I'm not able to comment in musical terms, because I don't understand much!), I really like it a lot. He has a gipsy taste, but not only, he knows how to choose clothes that always enhance it, focusing on his strengths. She has little breasts, but has beautiful shoulders and beautiful arms and shows them off. He never wears too much and prefers more relaxed clothing, even during the filming of the Daily (in which, in my opinion, he has the most beautiful looks!). As for make-up, she has features that lend themselves very much to makeup: she plays with it and does it well! I also like the fact that it enhances its Mediterranean colors and is never excessive: the strength of make-up is always one, or lips or eyes.

Levante at XFactor: the dress in jeans

During the first live, Levante wore a long strapless dress in jeans that left the décolleté completely exposed. He balanced the proportions well: discovery above, more covered below. The braids left her face free and the lipstick resumed the color of the word "girl power" which she had painted on her back. For me, vote 8!

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Levante at XFactor: the 20s look

I have to be honest, maybe this is the look that convinced me less: the sandals were super, the dress was beautiful, but the cut of the blouse mortified the décolleté (which is not its strong point). Moreover, the hairstyle was too built and the make-up too pearlescent. In short… ni. For me, vote 6.

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