The look for a spring outing: espadrilles, shorts and shirt!

Few essential items: espadrilles, denim shorts and tied shirt, simple and perfect for the first walks by the sea with the spring sun!

The air finally begins to heat up and we are ready to go out, breathe some spring and, why not, pull out some extra pieces of skin to make the first sun brown! Go out into the hills, have a barbecue outdoors, go for a walk on the sea: wonderful opportunities to regenerate! But what could be the perfect look? The match-tied shirt, denim shorts and espadrilles is ideal! Let's look at it in detail.

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The look for a spring outing: shirt

Perfect if tied at the waist, beautiful even in the trapezoid version left a little long on the hips, especially if you have a lot of breasts and the waist is not your forte. Choose thin stripes, floral micro patterns or total white: you'll never go wrong!

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The look for a spring outing: shorts

If your legs are your strength or if you simply want to get them out of winter slumber, treat yourself to a denim short or a pair of bermuda over the knee: for a spring walk along the seafront, they are allowed!

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The look for a spring outing: espadrilles

Comfortable, colorful, they really know about outings with friends, easy and relaxing atmosphere: the espadrilles are perfect for a look so comfortable, fresh and perfect for the first suns. These from La Siesta are available in many colors that make you think of the Mediterranean, the summer that is about to arrive, the bare feet on the beach … peace of mind!

Source La Siesta press office

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