The look of a "rock" witness

The look of a "rock" witness

The bride (who is her sister) is classic. But his style is very different

Hi Alessandra, my name is Marika and soon I will be a witness to my sister. Me and her are like day and night … she's a very classic guy, I have tattoos in sight and pearcing to understand us. What I wanted to ask is you think I should adapt to his style? Having said that I certainly have no intention of going into "jeans and amphibians" but I wanted to dress darker. I had thought of a little black dress with lace details, pumps and rocking-inspired jewels. Do I have to remove the pearcing in your nose? And the tattoos I do, I hide them with a covering foundation (on my calves and part of my neck I wouldn't know how to cover them otherwise).

Good morning Marika.
Let's start with some simple bon ton rules that apply to every guest, but above all for a witness. First rule: the bride is the absolute protagonist of the day. It is therefore absolutely necessary to avoid clothing that could obscure it, or something that goes against the style of the event that it is organizing so hard. It is fundamental to be impeccable and in tune with the mood of matrionio, with the place and the moment in which it is celebrated.

The second rule is: sobriety without excesses. Exaggerate excessive necklines, miniskirts and too eccentric looks. As for the colors: white is forbidden, red and black are not recommended. The rules are changing on the black dress and it is more a question of taste. Personally I don't like black at a wedding, I would rather opt for a more elegant navy blue or cobalt blue, but if it really has to be there, it's better to revive it with accessories, shoes and colored handbags.

The accessories follow the same rules: no too tacky and excessive accessories. Attention to proportions too: yes with showy earrings, but with a bare neck. Conversely, a flashy necklace must be accompanied by small earrings.

Finally, my favorite rule: what you wear should make you feel at ease.

So the advice I can give you is: talk to your sister. Personally, I don't think you need to hide tattoos or remove piercings. At most, if they are very flashy, you can replace them with smaller models.

But as for clothing, I would try to adapt more to the style of your wedding. Go with black, but avoid lace. Or choose lace, but consider it in shades suitable for a wedding. If you can't give up the little black dress, match it with colorful accessories, but let it be the rocking inspiration. Adapt more to your sister's style and let your personality shine through. Surely your sister appreciates you for how you are, despite your diversity, so a little effort to meet her in her "classic marriage" you can too.

A hug

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