The make-up for summer 2022 is in the sign of lightness


by Beatrice Serra

No one is willing to give up on one anymore “perfect” complexionfree from stains, discolorations and various imperfections. The arrival of the mild climate, then, adds the super desirable variant of “golden and luminous skin” which by itself is a beautiful shot of life. However, from May onwards, no one wants to load the face with layers of make-up which, at best, becomes shiny, at worst it melts with heat and sweat.

To free us from the problem, is the makeup trend that rages in the spring-summer 2022: very few products for the base (one, two at most) that correct the skin, with unobtrusive textures and colors and a luminous finish. For a make up no make upultra-resistant against the attack of summer. Feel good asked Lucrezia Bartilucci, make up artist who as well as for some cosmetic brands, she also works for television, cinema and fashion, where she nourishes her creativity and experiments with new frontiers of make-up.

Lucrezia, what skin trend do you want?

There dolphin skin wet-looking has dominated trends for the past two years, now in the make-up collections it’s time for bright, but not too dewy finishes. For a woman who prefers a fresh look.

What cosmetics does it require?

To make the base, just one product is enough, and the market has launched many highlighters with different but all natural coverings, as summer wants. Moving on to the choice: if we do not have particular discolorations, a moisturizing cream with Spf (from 30 to 50) with light light pigments is fine; for greater uniformity it takes one BB or even CC cream, if the age goes up, for a more visible result, the foundation becomes light. Very comfortable, when the temperatures rise, are those in compact powder: they dry the sweat, do not weigh down the skin, they are of modular intensity. However, a moisturizer should always be placed underneath, otherwise the skin dries up and the color particles accentuate the signs of aging.

What about the most attractive colors?

This spring is the hymn to the “porcelain” complexion, this summer the top colors are the whole range of warm beigewarm beige. Without discord: the make-up for the face does not differ more than half a tone less or more than our natural color. To get it right, you should always try it on the lateral side of the neck or between the jaw and the neck. And then spread it well with the sponge or brush (if wet, the result will be even softer) up to at least mid-neck, blending it towards the décolleté, the lobes and under the ears. It is not a great sight to see the “jumps” of color at the hairline when they are gathered!

Is there room for a bronzer in the beauty case this year?

Yes, there is room for both shimmer (illuminating) and matte earth. Here, too, moderation wins: shimmer with a mat base and vice versa, everything with the same finish is too much! For the bronzer, the 2022 novelty concerns how it is applied: the coolest shade starts from the temples (from the tail of the eyebrows, in practice), goes down on the cheekbone, the brush extends towards the nose and then extends to the other. side, as if to draw a carnival mask. For a “sun kissed” result that gives a carefree, young image.

It seems so difficult, but …

No it is not. Light hand, first of all: it involves creating touches of chiaroscuro, for a golden effect only on the lower part of the face. The nature color, then: never dark earths, while with beige tones (which do not turn orange) you are never wrong. The best brush: big and round, because it captures less product and helps not to stain, as long as you unload it before putting the powder.

Blush and powder, are they indispensable?

The most glamorous blush is pink or coral tones. And it is tapped in the center of the cheek (above the ground), for a push up effect. The powder, in illuminating powder, will be reserved for evening occasions, for a better hold on the make-up. Right, a puff on the T of the face.

With this basis, that do you recommend us?

Just one eyeshadow on the eyes: it’s not the season for multicolored shades, a lilac, pink, green, light blue, coral or even a bronze is enough to light up the look. Lips are polished with a gloss or colored oil in shades of brown, burgundy or sparkling orange.


the compact powder foundation Stay On Me from Diego Dalla Palma with Spf20 it resists water and lasts up to 24 h. In 6 modular matt tones: with a brush, veil effect; with the sponge, covering. (€ 17.50,


With Cassia Angustifolia, an alternative plant to hyaluronic acid, Hyalu-BB from Matis evens out the complexion, moisturizing. For more effectiveness, it should be put on top the cream (47 €,


Counteracts oily skin and reduces enlarged pores Glow Primer from GuudCure, rich in argan oil. It should be massaged until it penetrates the cleansed face, as an illuminating base (€ 13,


The pink pigments revive the complexion color in the anti-aging cream Rosy Glow from Garnier, for all skin tones (€ 9.99,

THE Foundation LIGHT

For those who cannot give up a smooth face, Shape Tape Cloud Coverage-Ligh Weight Foundation from Tate creates a long-lasting “warm” color veil on the skin (€ 39.90,


It is a cream-powder that is applied in precise points the shiny blush InnerGlow CheekPowder from Shiseido. Eight nude shades, from beige to purplish-pink (40 €,


The tan is natural, oil free and anti-blue light, with the Bronzing Earth Silk Effect from Collistar. In 3 finishes (matte, glow and shimmer) and 8 different tones (36 €,


It acts as a blush and highlighter together, the Duo Cotto Frutta Boom from Green shopin two versions of shades (strawberry and peach) (€ 12.99,