The Måneskin leave the manager, Marta Donà: "My heart is broken"

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After the triumph at the "Eurovision Song Contest", the Måneskin have decided to leave their historical manager, who wrote bitter words on social networks

Måneskin at Eurovision, a photo story of a triumph: the cheering of VIPs

Two weeks after winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 2021, the Måneskin have decided to leave their longtime manager, Marta Donà, who accompanied them from the beginning of their journey. It was Donà who made it known on her social profiles, announcing the termination of relations with the Roman band.

It seems, in fact, that the four young artists have decided to move in a different direction from his, and for this reason they have chosen to rely on another professional figure. A few words but which suggest an unshared choice, as evidenced by the bitterness of the message left on his accounts:

We spent 4 unforgettable years full of dreams to fulfill and projects realized. I have brought you this far. From now on you have decided to continue without me. I am heartbroken but I wish you the best in life guys.

On his Instagram profile, the latest photos together showed hugs, smiles and tears of joy after the triumph at Eurovision: news that will have come like a bolt from the blue to the manager, who has accompanied them for the last four years of their professional career. .

In their journey together, from participation in X Factor, a lot of water has passed under the bridge: the realization of the three highly successful records, as well as the experiences, full of satisfactions, at the Sanremo Festival and the Eurovision Song Contest in 2021 , where they conquered the first place for our country with the song Zitti e buona, after thirty-one years.

On the Maneskin social channels, at least for the moment, no references to the story have appeared and it is not clear the reason for this decision, which seems to be unilateral.

Marta Donà leads Latarma Management, an all-female team that also follows the likes of Francesca Michielin, Marco Mengoni and Alessandro Cattelan. Just a week ago he wrote about Måneskin on Instagram: “The dedication to work of these guys. Professionalism, constancy, perseverance. The mastery of the stage, the attitude, the pure soul and the courage to believe in one's dreams. Four twenty-year-olds have brought back to our country, after 31 years, the most important music competition in the world. There is someone who is envious, especially if he had taken victory for granted. But with Måneskin anything can happen, je suis désolé ".

Marta Donà with the Maneskin

Marta Donà with the Maneskin

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