The Masked Singer, Gatti: "In the Baby Alien I couldn't breathe"

The Masked Singer, Gatti: "In the Baby Alien I couldn't breathe"

After the illness in "Il Cantante Mascherato", Franco Gatti reveals: "In the Baby Alien I couldn't breathe"

Franco Gatti dei Ricchi e Poveri returns to talk about the experience lived by the Masked Singer and the illness caused by the mask of the Baby Alien which forced the competitors to retire. The facts date back to the first episode of the Milly Carlucci show when the mask, after a very difficult first performance, announced that he wanted to abandon the game due to the lack of air under the costume.

Days after the live broadcast, Franco Gatti explained better what happened. "There must have been 40 degrees inside that puppet – he told the weekly DiPiù -, the air was not circulating, I had a stuffy nose. I could not breathe, I gasped, perhaps again due to the effect of Covid that I contracted last October. But I'm a professional and I said to myself: hang in there, you're on television. But then I didn't make it, I was afraid of dying! ". Gatti then revealed that each member of the Rich and the Poor was given a specific task to move the puppet's ears, arms and eye. But moving under the Baby Alien costume was really difficult.

"We were really tight, we got in the way of each other – added Gatti -. It was very hot. I could not breathe well, I began to feel that I was lacking air. I couldn't wait to get out of that infernal puppet. We had moved too much inside, which is why perhaps I started panting. I was sweating cold, I couldn't take it anymore, I felt like I was dying ”. Franco's illness then forced the Rich and Poor to announce the choice of wanting to leave the game. Milly Carlucci revealed the identity of the artists hidden under the Baby Alien, surprising the jury.

After the farewell of the Rich and the Poor to the broadcast, the Baby Alien is back in the second episode, but has lost the challenge and the comedians Gigi and Ross have emerged from under the mask. Gatti said he was very sorry for leaving The Masked Singer, but he is also aware that he could not have done otherwise. “I forced my group, the Rich and the Poor, to abandon the Masked Singer due to a cold that probably left me from Covid when I got sick last October,” he concluded.

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