The medicine of the future

The medicine of the future

Digital format and hi-tech science for SaluTO – Turin. Medicine and wellness, 25-26 September 2020

Medicine outside the academic conferences, available to the general public, to give everyone the opportunity to clarify doubts and ask questions on issues related to health, prevention and lifestyles directly to the leading experts in the field: this is the idea, and the spirit, of SaluTO, TURIN. Medicine and Wellness which reaches its second edition. This year, the disclosure is exponentially amplified, through the new digital format, necessary in compliance with the safety regulations for the containment of the contagion from Covid19.

SaluTO 2020 includes eight thematic events lasting 30 minutes, with intervals of one or two hours, live on the web from the Teatro Regio di Torino. Federico Mereta, scientific journalist, will interview the main national experts on the chosen topics, moderating the debate with the public, which will be connected online.

The event, born on the initiative of the School of Medicine of the University of Turin, is organized in collaboration with the City of Turin and YEG! Your Event Group, and from this year it is enriched by the scientific partnership of the Polytechnic of Turin.

For the second edition, the network of city institutions that form a system around the support and dissemination of the medical-technological excellence of the city, which has always made Turin the national avant-garde of Italian scientific culture, is consolidated and expanded. The Piedmontese capital makes available to the public the knowledge of the School of Medicine of the University of Turin and the Polytechnic University, recognized internationally. The City thus offers a new opportunity for scientific dissemination on fundamental issues for people's health, in a particularly delicate moment, marked by the recent global health emergency.

HEALTH Wellbeing and Medicine

We will talk about Covid and the psychological effect of the pandemic on people; smart technological tools for monitoring health and well-being; of digital medicine and artificial intelligence; how genetics allows tailor made therapies for oncological pathologies; how much prevention and technology are fundamental weapons for the treatment of heart diseases; exercise and a healthy diet to combat obesity and diabetes; and again, how power and smartphones contribute to the treatment of eye diseases.

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