The Mediterranean diet according to one study acts on blood vessels

The Mediterranean diet according to one study acts on blood vessels

The Mediterranean diet can prove to be the perfect ally to prevent and combat diabetes thanks to its healthy virtues and numerous beneficial properties

Mediterranean diet: a recent Italian study has discovered the great potential of this diet. The latter plays a key role in the health of blood vessels. Precisely, a sort of team of "hydraulic cells" is formed that can guarantee a purifying action for the blood vessels. The potential of the Mediterranean diet is to restore their functionality, proving to be the ideal solution for patients suffering from type 2 diabetes. This is confirmed by research presented at the Congress of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes by Young Italian Researchers. The Mediterranean diet, in addition to being particularly nutritious and healthy, reduces the risk of cardiovascular problems. Until now, only a few virtues were known concerning the correction of a number of cardiovascular disorders, such as hypertension, cholesterol levels in the blood and body weight. Now the new studies reveal new and important discoveries, useful for patients suffering from these disorders. Precisely, following this diet allows a new mechanism to be established through which the blood vessels of people with diabetes are protected. Research has revealed that this diet promotes circulating levels of endothelial progenitor cells.

It is a sort of team of "plumbers" who act on damaged blood vessels, for example from a cardiac arrest, to repair them. This research therefore effectively contributes to determining the enormous therapeutic capacity of the Mediterranean diet for the treatment of diabetes. At the same time it is possible to benefit from all the nutritional values ​​and the beneficial properties of these foods, which are important for health. The Mediterranean diet is therefore a real treatment for the treatment of cardio-metabolic pathologies. A correct diet is essential for the well-being of the body. This is why it is very important to always consume the right foods. Furthermore, this nutritional model is one of the most widespread and is considered today as one of the most complete diets, which does not cause damage to health. Its quality is to be healthy and genuine. It can also be followed by anyone who is in good health and is also recommended to lose weight. This nutritional model is characterized by various foods and can satisfy all tastes, and is considered healthy because it uses low-fat foods or foods with unsaturated fats.

As a result the risk of raising the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, or LDL, is reduced. The Mediterranean diet is also indicated for those suffering from high cholesterol. At the same time, however, it is particularly nutritious, despite having a low daily caloric intake. The Mediterranean diet guarantees everything the body needs to enjoy good health. In Italy this diet is widespread and it is quite easy to follow it, as it is characterized by all the foods that are usually introduced in meals, such as fish, eggs, cheeses, seasonal vegetables and carbohydrates, including pasta, rice and cereals. So these are completely genuine foods. The advantage of the Mediterranean diet is to be a real balanced and balanced diet because it allows you to vary between numerous foods. On the other hand, to stay in shape and enjoy good health one must follow a fundamental rule, namely that of eating a bit of everything, without exceeding in the exclusion or intake of food.

It is all these virtues that intervene at the level of damaged blood vessels, favoring a clear improvement for patients suffering from diabetes. Furthermore, every diet includes following simple and useful health precautions. Precisely, we must pay attention to food doses and cooking methods; it is advisable to reduce the fries, opting for extra virgin olive oil combined with an abundant portion of vegetables. The Mediterranean diet includes the five necessary meals to be made within a day, namely breakfast, snack, snack and main meals, always preferring the healthiest foods. Therefore, following this diet consistently is not only good for your health, but also allows you to achieve efficient results for those suffering from diabetes, thanks to the correction of blood vessels. Still today, numerous studies are underway, useful for revealing all the properties of this simple and healthy diet. The traditional Mediterranean diet is generally composed of a breakfast of tea without sugar, milk, cereals, rusks combined with light cream cheese. For the snack and the snack you could also opt for a healthy juice or for seasonal fruit. For main meals instead, prefer pasta, extra virgin olive oil, dried fruit, rice, legumes and fish always combined with abundant portions of vegetables.

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