The mindfulness diet. How mindful eating can help you lose weight

The mindfulness diet. How mindful eating can help you lose weight

Mindful eating is not just about taking into consideration what you eat, it's more about how you do it

Eating consciously, diving into the food we are tasting and practicing mindfulness, thus making the act of eating a "sacred" area: these are the advice of Dr. Marilù Mengoni, nutritionist and psychologist, creator of the method of Psychoalimentation, which in this article explains how mindful eating can also help us lose weight and maintain it over time.

Let's start with the cutlery. "It is a term – says the expert – that derives from the Latin" pausare ", or stop, take a break. The name itself should suggest the best use of these tools: to put them down, put them away between bites, so as to allow us to really savor what we have on our plate ". Too bad that often, when we eat in a hurry in front of the PC or at the bar on a lunch break, we are not so present to ourselves, but projected into what we have to do next. A race against time that does not allow us to reflect on the food we are eating and not to pick up those signals that the body sends us to understand if we are full.

First step: eat slowly

The mindfulness diet aims to open a space of awareness to regain a healthy weight and maintain it over time. "In this way – explains the nutritionist and psychologist – you will be able to get in touch with the real flavor, with the savoring, with the pleasure of taste, but also you will feel that what you are eating is slowly becoming part of you, of your body, of your mind, of your thoughts. If you start to savor slowly, you will get more and more in touch with yourself, you will be present to yourself. Life is not always a chase, a gobble, a rush towards an after. There is now, and right here is the body, there are emotions, pleasure. And so over time, once you have re-established this contact, you will also know how much food you really need, you will be able to better translate the signals that your body is sending you: what are the foods you need most and also when it is time to stop because you are full ".

The expert addressed this topic in her book "Slim down with psychoanalysis" (Tecniche Nuove ed.), In which she also provides tips to put into practice immediately to lose weight. These are simple practices that can be performed once a week, but also several times, if over time you feel that you can expand this space. Here's what to do:

  • Prepare the table with care. “Don't forget anything, considering that pleasure also passes through sight, and this is true even if you are alone. If you are eating with other people, do this exercise together, possibly in silence ”.
  • To breathe. "When everything is arranged on the table, sit down, bring the plate in front of you and take three deep breaths, inhaling with your nose and exhaling with your mouth, then on the next inhalation, close your eyes and concentrate on the aroma emanating from the dish. Do it for 4 or 5 breaths, smell the scent, breathe the smell, then open your eyes ".
  • To be grateful. "Now focus on the colors, look at the plate, look up and if there is someone with you, look at him smiling".
  • Live the moment. "At this point take the cutlery (fork or spoon, depending on what you are eating), feel its smooth surface, feel its weight, then slowly take some food from the plate. Without haste, always in the awareness of the gestures you are making, bring the bite to your mouth, put the cutlery back in its place and do not take it back until you have swallowed the food in your mouth. Chew slowly, be present, concentrate with your eyes closed on the flavor of what you are eating, enjoy the pleasure of savoring it calmly, with a calm mind, in the tranquility of your space, in the harmony of your calm gestures ".
  • Focus on the act of eating. "Only when you have swallowed it, then take back the cutlery, take some more food from the plate, bring it to your mouth and start enjoying it, placing the cutlery back on the table. Continue like this until you have finished eating, bite after bite, all of your lunch or dinner ”.
  • And finally… When you are done, look at the empty plate, look up again smiling at whoever is with you, or simply at yourself if you are alone. "Finding a healthy weight (and maintaining it over time) – assures Dr. Mengoni – will be a natural thing, because you will have re-established that dialogue with your body and you will once again be able to understand its vocabulary and receive its messages and above all you will be the perception of the dichotomy, of the separation between body, mind, emotions and spirit dissolved. And everything will turn into a being, full of gratitude ”.

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