The most beautiful Italian amusement and adventure parks for children

The most beautiful Italian amusement and adventure parks for children

Discover the best amusement and adventure parks to spend a wonderful day with your children

You will be surprised to discover that, in Italy, there are so many amusement parks for children and they range from one genre to another: water parks, but also parks with animals for an adventurous afternoon.

A nice trip to an amusement park is an experience that satisfies both adults and children, for sure. In fact, in each park, there are many thrilling attractions, but also quieter games for the little ones who do not like reckless adventure. An amusement park for children therefore becomes the perfect opportunity to spend an exciting day outdoors, all together, and could also be a destination that allows you to discover another region and new places.

In short, children and parents can thus experience a day of leisure and fun among adrenaline-pumping attractions and immersed in a unique and unforgettable context. We suggest you include in your holiday week a day dedicated to visiting an amusement park for children, so as to break the classic routine and give your family some alternative hours of healthy fun. Sea and mountains are great, but do you want to put an afternoon spent in a children's adventure park?

And even if you are not on vacation with your family, a few hours spent in an amusement park for children will surely make everyone happy: it is a fantastic idea for a day trip. In fact, there are many theme adventure parks for children in Italy: minigolf, swimming pools, slides and nature reserves where you can admire the wonders of our land. Inside the parks, there are usually also spaces where you can have delicious picnics in the company of family and friends.

In addition, theme parks for children, whether they are amusement parks or with educational paths that also stimulate creativity, are today one of the most popular destinations for families and ideal for a trip out of town. In many cases, it is convenient to buy season tickets, which are very advantageous for making more than one access to the park during the year.

So, all you have to do is discover the best amusement parks for children: go on an all-Italian adventure with your family!


  • Onda Blu and Aqualand
  • Gardaland and Acqualandia
  • Movieland
  • Mirabilandia
  • Rainbow Magicland and Cinecittà World
  • Leolandia
  • Etnaland

Onda Blu and Aqualand

If you are in Abruzzo with your family, you can think of spending an afternoon of fun at the Onda Blu amusement park for children in Tortoreto. within this fantastic park there are 9 slides, together with a wave pool and one for children. In addition, the equipped lagoon is very interesting, then completed with a games room, a disco and an inevitable refreshment point.

The largest water amusement park for children, however, is that of Vasto and bears the name of Aqualand. It covers a very large area and, more precisely, 120,000 square meters: very long slides dominate the entire park and there are children's pools with small colorful rubber boats to go for a walk. Therefore, Abruzzo boasts a small but significant entertainment package for the little ones to spend a day of leisure.

Gardaland and Acqualandia

It is absolutely one of the most famous amusement parks for children in Italy, but it is also loved by the older ones: we are talking about him, Gardaland. Part of this park is a resort and as a whole it is truly a journey to discover fantastic worlds.

It is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations even by those coming from abroad and offers many attractions for all tastes; all immersed in a green and innovative context at the same time. Gardaland boasts nearby the presence of Gardaland Sea Life, a wonderful water park for children where you can admire thousands of marine creatures, in 37 themed tanks that reconstruct the most varied natural habitats in the world.

Children, ready for thrilling emotions? This is the right park!

Are you looking for a real island of fun for your children? Acqualandia di Jesolo is what your family does. This is not just a water park for children, but a fantasy world that has 24 water attractions, including the highest slide on earth and the bungee jumping tower.


Children love it excessively, have fun and try thrilling attractions: what is it? But Movieland! One of the best amusement parks for children in Italy. It is located near the Caneva water park, near Lazise and has very different attractions, thematically speaking.

Here, each attraction is truly unique, conceived on particular projects and adapted according to everyone's needs. But above all of the little ones. Your little ones, in complete safety, will be able to experience the thrill of Kitty Superjet: a motorboat that accommodates up to 15 people, conducted by professionals, who will perform crazy stunts. All with the life jacket!

We recommend that you also try magma 2.1 for an original and family adventure aboard reckless trucks that will face a hostile path, with the aim of reaching the geothermal power plant. Between earthquakes, waterfalls and crumbling bridges, here is a breathtaking adventure.

Where to find a one-of-a-kind attraction? But in Movieland! Pangea The World of Dinosaurs is a truly sensational experience: together with your children, get on board a jeep in total safety and venture into the middle of a jungle inhabited by prehistoric dinosaurs.


Mirabilandia is located in Emilia-Romagna and is one of the most famous amusement parks for children ever. It boasts many important attractions, including two well-known roller coasters of great importance in Italy, but also in Europe: Katun and iSpeed.

Inside the pepsi Theater, three different shows are staged regularly a day, with very entertaining animation that counts with exceptional acrobatic dance performances. The most interesting challenge in the park, however, is certainly the one at Hot Wheels City: a car stunt show that ends with a loop of the death traveled by car.

A few steps from Ravenna, this is an unmissable stop for a super holiday on the Romagna Riviera.

Rainbow Magicland and Cinecittà World

Do you already know Rainbow Magicland? It is an amusement park for children that in recent times, contrary to the past, is enjoying great success. The renovations have made it possible to restore the complete sets and all the attractions have been refurbished.

Ideal for entertaining the little ones, it is undoubtedly the jungle, now called Tonga, to which a lot of attention has been paid, both as regards the scenography itself, and for the care of the actual vegetation.

This park is a real gem half an hour from Rome, to which historical attractions have also been added several wooden playgrounds for children and the log Flume, Nui Lua, themed and equipped with many special effects.

The name practically says it all: Cinecittà World, in Rome, is one of the best amusement parks for children.

It has a total of 24 attractions and, among the main ones, we find: the roller coaster, the Jurassic War tunnel, the spillwater Aktium Volarium, or a ruffle cinema, the Kingdom of Ice, the Indian fall and much more. The park provides for the staging of five shows a day, one of which is inside the impressive theater.


Located in the province of Bergamo, Leolandia is an amusement park much loved by children. In fact, compared to many other parks, the offer in terms of attractions for the older ones is very limited. In short, a magical place designed to let the little ones spend a few hours of leisure.

Among the best attractions, we would definitely recommend the Galleon, the log Flume Gold River and the Rapids of Leonardo.

In this fantastic world, children can also get to know the cartoon characters they love most, but also visit Minitalia: right here, more than 160 Italian monuments have been reconstructed in miniature. Backpacking and a great desire for adventure: these are the ingredients for a carefree afternoon in Leolandia.


We have reached the end of the ranking of the best amusement and theme parks for children and Etnoland could not miss. The beautiful Sicily, in fact, is not only sea, beach and sun, but also a lot, a lot of fun for the little ones of the house. Not only a water park for children, but also an area full of attractions that have made it rightfully included in the ranking of the most fun parks in Italy.

The 34 attractions of which the park counts, share a spectacular area where there are slides and swimming pools. Then, the little ones can have fun at the 4D cinema and spend a few hours of healthy fun at the Ciclipino Village.

In the aquatic area, families have fun with the most themed attractions of the entire park and therefore: the log Flume Dragon River, Crocodile Rapids, but also Jungle Splash. This park is truly a product made to measure and according to the requests of the most frequent visitors: children.

End the day with a beautiful cable car ride: 1800 meters that extend throughout the park and offer a priceless view of Mount Etna.

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