The most chic, sexy and coolest cuts of the summer are these (and they are worn like this)

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If you are thinking of giving us a cut for the summer (in the literal sense of the word) here are the most chic, sexy and cool cuts of the season.

Technically, the summer started yesterday (even if the heat started several weeks ago) and brought the desire for change.

chic summer cuts

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And we know that when a woman wants to renew herself she starts with her hair. But it must also be said that heat calls for short cuts and short cuts call for innate and timeless elegance.

And so, in conjunction with the arrival of summer, we are looking for ideas and ideas to give a new shape to our hair.

But not everyone wants to give a drastic cut to their look: there are those who prefer a graphic silhouette, but also those who are looking for gradual solutions, such as a scaling.

That’s why we can cry out that summer calls for new effortless cuts, as close to naturalness as possible.

What cuts to choose to be chic in the summer? Here are some ideas that can become a real source of inspiration for you.

The chicest cuts of the summer

It girls act as guinea pigs for hair stylists from all over the world and teach us what are the cool and chic cuts of the summer and how to wear them.

chic summer cuts

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Let’s start by saying that some “classic” cuts – such as mullet, shag and wolf cut – they are often the basis for creating new, original, renewed looks.

Here it is then the shullet is born, a softer mullet quite simply, halfway between the shag and the mullet, which basically translates into a very layered cut with bangs and light lengths that compensate for the volumes of the upper part of the head.

In short, this is an extremely casual cut, perfect for those who are not afraid to dare and, above all, want to be watched.

To this the high – low mullet is added (part of the so-called graphic cuts), which we can see on Iris Law’s hair. Basically her hair gets shorter near the hairline, but stays long at the back of her head.

This therefore represents an evolution of the cuts and in reality it can be customized in many ways, it all depends on the look you want to achieve.

A another trend of the summer is the heartthrob cut – or 90s cut, if you prefer – which is nothing more than a “layered” bob. Basically, it’s a shorter cut at the nape and longer in the front, with strands that cover the cheekbones. This way you will be super refined, but you will also be very ready to face the summer heat.

Yup even to the layered shag, an extremely light cut, which does not require a lot of effort for maintenance.

In short, it is the typical look that allows us to go to the beach, let the hair dry without having to do any styling and still be at the top. Especially suitable for those with naturally scaled hair, however it is also very natural, so for the summer it is perfect.

Because do not dare even with the pixie “France style” (what the French call it “alla garçonne” in practice)? We can admire it for example on Zoë Kravitz and we immediately discover that we are faced with an extremely bold cut, but at the same time very feminine and sensual.

If, on the other hand, you don’t love very short cuts too much, you could opt for a lob: this is a longer bob, which however reaches the shoulder maximum.

It’s still, another super trendy cut is the Bi – Bob, a short or medium – short bob, cheeky, but not too much.

And the bangs? We haven’t forgotten, don’t worry. If you like her, you think she looks good on her and you want to go for her, go ahead. Which one can you choose? A bottleneck, for example, or a longer one, elongated on the sides of the face in short.

An alternative? The luxury lob, the midi chic cut which is depopulating all over the world. This is a renewed helmet, to which a fringe has been added – basically Birkin style, curtain or wispy bangs – and also a lot of movement.

If you also want to change your hair color, then, here are the summer hair trends.

In any case, the glamorous chic short cuts are really a lot, so if you want to give us a cut, you just have to choose the one that can do for you.

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