The most common excuses for children not to sleep

The most common excuses for children not to sleep

Apologies for not sleeping children are often very funny. Let's see what are the most frequent finds that the little ones come up with so as not to go to bed

The excuses for not sleeping are the method that almost all children put in place to postpone the moment of getting under the covers as much as possible. Anyone with children knows how this bad habit is rooted in the little ones: the creativity they use to convince parents not to send them to bed, however, is often disarming.
Certainly the fear of loneliness is one of the most frequent reasons: children know very well that few parents are able to resist this request for companionship. Most mothers and fathers generally give up and spend a sleepless night in Latvian together with satisfied offspring.

Many parents love to read fairy tales to their children to help them sleep more serenely: the little night owls, however, know this weak point and, at the end of the fairy tale, immediately ask the narrator to delight them again with another story.
Among the most frequent excuses for not sleeping there is, without a doubt, the fear of monsters: the imagination of children is extremely active. A strange shadow or a stain on the wall is enough for their imaginative eye to see mysterious creatures ready to leap into the room to harm them.

Sleep for children is very important: its absence can give rise to real ailments. Often children release their energies just near bedtime and in the evening they are seized with adrenaline. In this case, parents must intervene and offer their children more peaceful games, capable of inducing in them the desire to go to sleep as soon as possible. It will not be an easy task: ensuring a restful sleep for children, however, is really essential.

Hunger and thirst are some of the excuses for children not to sleep anymore. It often happens that the little ones require the attention of their parents in the form of a glass of water or a cup of milk and biscuits. Obviously it must be remembered that sugars have an exciting effect on the nervous system of children.
If the children are more than one, the difficulties also multiply: the brothers tend to support each other in order to indefinitely postpone the time to go to sleep. It is common to hear a child blame his roommate for not being able to sleep: the parent just has to arm himself with holy patience and try to be a peacemaker.

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