The most effective remedies to combat swollen ankles

The most effective remedies to combat swollen ankles

Swollen ankles are a discomfort that many people suffer from. Discover the characteristics of this pathology, the causes and the remedies in this new article

Many people today suffer from swollen ankles, a discomfort that consists in the swelling and enlargement of the ankles. This area, between the leg and the foot, can be very sensitive and also leads to pain or skin irritation. In fact, the ankles are a part of the joint that is moved a lot during the day, thanks to its nature as a movable hinge joint. Like the knee, this part of the body is subject to many movements and therefore is more exposed to trauma caused by continuous stress.

Swollen and painful ankles can then lead to many discomforts, first of all the difficulty in walking as the pain does not allow you to bend the ankle correctly and move the foot easily. In addition, swelling can also lead to related diseases, such as a change in skin color or the appearance of spots and blemishes. Among the combined pathologies there are, for example, varicose veins and problems related to the joint.

Causes of swollen ankles

The causes of swollen ankles are many and can change depending on several factors. Among these there are certainly overweight and advanced age, both elements that can lead to the onset of swelling. A sedentary lifestyle characterized by poor movement and maintaining the same position for many hours can then lead to circulatory difficulties, as the firm muscles cause the capillaries to lead to further difficulty for the blood to rise upwards. . During pregnancy, when the lifestyle changes drastically and there is a sudden weight gain, swollen ankles are one of the most frequent symptoms. Water retention can be another cause of swollen ankles, as it creates a stagnation of fluids in the body, which are concentrated only in certain areas of the body.

For this reason, the causes of this disease are also alcohol abuse or excessive salt intake. Some medications can lead to swollen ankles and insert this symptom with the intent of possible side effects. Among them can be antihypertensives. Hormones, used to treat various conditions such as menopause or the thyroid, can also lead to enlarged ankles. Usually the sudden swelling of the ankles is caused by an injury, which can be a sprain, a fracture or tendonitis. The ankle is moved many times a day but a sudden, abrupt movement or trauma can lead to severe pain and swelling.

Remedies for swollen ankles

The best remedies for swollen ankles are those that prevent this condition. In fact, motor activity is essential to avoid suffering from swelling of the ankles. In this way this area of ​​the body is trained and the movement of the lower limbs with the muscles leads to a stimulation of the circulation. Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle can lead to many benefits, especially for the nervous system. It is advisable to avoid staying in the same position for many hours and walking a lot. The use of the right shoe, able to provide the correct support for the foot and ankle, can also be essential: high-heeled and very thin shoes should in fact be used rarely.

Today, there are also plenty of completely natural remedies for swollen ankles. In fact, there are many plants in nature that have antioxidant properties, such as bilberry, currant and horse chestnut, which are used to create creams and ointments. It is also advisable to eat seasonal foods, preferring foods such as berries, grapefruit or more generally citrus fruits, kiwis and tomatoes. For those who remain seated for many hours, various compression modeling stockings are available on the market, which prevent pathologies and discomfort to the circulatory system.

When to see a doctor for swollen ankles

If swollen ankles do not represent a momentary discomfort but were a constant in everyday life, the advice is to book a visit to your doctor. In this way it is possible to exclude any cardiovascular, renal or hepatic diseases.

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