The most original female names for your baby

Are you pregnant and looking for a beautiful and special name for your child? Here are some ideas to inspire you

What are the most particular and original female names for a child? When they find out they are expecting a child, future parents start thinking about the name they will be given. There are so many options to choose from, especially when it comes to females. There are in fact several beautiful and particular female names, which have a profound meaning, both Italian and foreign, but also ancient and composed. Let's discover together a complete list and some curiosities to avoid mistakes.

Particular feminine names: the most beautiful Italians

What is the right female name for my daughter? Answering this question is not easy, especially if you are looking for particular and original names. The most popular are undoubtedly those that have a particular meaning and that are chosen by many Italian mothers. At the top of the list we find Beatrice which means "she who brings happiness and joy", we then find Sofia, or "she who is wise and loves science", and Ginevra, "shining elf and white spirit". Among the most beautiful female names is also Eva, "the one who gives life", Vittoria, "the one who wins", Nicole and Emma, ​​"valiant and hard-working".

Do you want your child to be a free woman? Then choose the name Carlotta, the Italian version of Charlotte, the name wanted by Kate Middleton and William of England for their second child. Among the most popular female names in recent years is Matilde, which means "brave warrior".

Particular feminine names: the most original and strange

There are many parents who want to choose a name that is original and very special for their child. To do this you can take inspiration from celebrities, but also from TV series, favorite movies, emotions and exotic places that remind you of something important. For example, Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi decided to call their daughter Chanel in honor of Cocò Chanel using the surname of the famous French designer. Elenoire Casalegno opted instead for Swami, a name of Indian origin that means "veneration and love". If you like Aurora, but it seems too inflated, you can bet on the Aura variant, which means "bright and shining". Alessia Marcuzzi has instead focused on Mia, giving a simple but original name to her daughter born of love for Francesco Facchinetti.

We also point out Azzurra, a name that derives from Persian and means "that the color of a clear sky", Maya, or "nurse and creator", and Luna, with the Selene variant. Many also appreciate Cloe, which derives from the Greek Chloe which means "green and tender grass", and Elettra, that is "blonde like shining amber". Among the ancient female names the most beautiful are Mirea, which means "to admire" and has Latin origins, and Maica. Finally we find Deva, the name chosen by Monica Bellucci for the eldest, Diamante, and Senara, a very particular name that derives from the ancient myth of the siren, present in the variations Elena or Eleonora.

Particular feminine names: inspired by flowers

If you dream of a special and original name for your child you can be inspired by flowers. Elegant, sweet and many feminine, the names inspired by flowers are particularly popular. Breathe in their perfume, admire the colors and let yourself be carried away by emotions, finding the flower that fits the newborn more. The most beautiful and classic remains Rosa, sophisticated and chic, it never goes out of style. Margherita, like Viola or her Violante variant, is also simple and very effective. Finally, among the most romantic feminine names we find Iris.

Particular feminine names: the most elegant, classic and antique

To find the right female name for your child you can also refer to the classics, where there are many hints. Among the most sober and elegant names is undoubtedly Sofia, followed by Vittoria, Sveva, Valentina and Livia. If you prefer a foreign name, bet on Daphne (or Daphne in Italian), Diana or Amelie.

Particular feminine names: short or biblical

Many mothers also choose biblical or short names for girls, always original and rare, with splendid meanings. We recommend Ada, Eva and Lia, as well as Irma, Anna and Pia. A cue comes from the New and the Old Testament, with traditional (but original) names like Rebecca, which means "tie or lace", Maryam, a Jewish variant of Mary, the Virgin and mother of Jesus. Rachel also comes from the past means sheep, followed by Sarah, wife of Abraham which means "princess".

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